Always Trust Your Gut

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Even though, “Trust your gut,” is one of the most common pieces of advice you will ever receive, it’s advice that many of us struggle to accept.

We ALL do it! Do what? NOT listen to our gut and find ourselves in a little bit of trouble!

  • Maybe you had a client who LOVED your ideas—and then bought a dining table from Restoration Hardware that same day.
  • Or a client who ALWAYS asked her best friend their opinion, even though they were paying YOU to design their home.

Yes, it is SO frustrating!!!

So, when should you listen to your gut? ALWAYS!!

You are an experienced designer, you design day in and day out. You have accumulated more knowledge than you may be aware of. Your gut is really EXPERIENCE! Experience that you have gained through practice.

And, you have even more experience than you recognize. Your gut has been busy without you even realizing it cataloguing your experiences ever since Day 1. Your subconscious mind, AKA your gut, is chock full of learning experiences since you’ve been alive. While these experiences might not be accessible to your conscious mind, they are all things that you learned and felt.

So, what do you do when you feel that tingle? Listen! Those tingles are bubbling up because of experiences, beliefs and memories that you have had before. It’s your warning sign to listen up—you’ve experienced something like this before and your body is trying to warn you.

When you feel those tingles, take a minute to interpret what they are telling you:

  • Pause to reflect. Breathe and relax. Take a minute to be alone with your thoughts.
  • Ask, “What is my gut telling me?”
  • Consider the message you’re receiving from your gut against what others might have said and what your mind is telling you. Connect your gut feelings with your thoughts.
  • Declare your decision and see how your body responds.

99% of the time, your gut is saying, “I need to get rid of this client!” You spend way too much time thinking about them and trying to please them. The worst is the gut punch to your confidence and the way you begin to feel like your designs suck.

Well, your designs—and YOU!—don’t suck! It is beyond scary to fire a client, but imagine the inordinate amount of time you spend on thinking and re-thinking about the situations. (YES, there is always more than one situation!) This worrying is often to the detriment of your other clients and your general mojo!

So, let go!

You may feel sick to your stomach thinking about how to get rid of them, but remember, your heart and time will be open to bigger and better projects!! It is far better to have fewer clients and kill it on their projects, rather than torture yourself with the wrong client and not being committed to your great clients!

I hope this post gives you the confidence to rely on your KNOWLEDGE! Your GUT is KNOWLEDGE!!

Remember…the MOST important thing is to always trust your gut!



PS. This fabulous topic was brought up by a designer in the Return on Interiors private Facebook Forum. Thank you, fabulous designer! I love having the camaraderie of the group!! **HEART**

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