Annual Goal Setting

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Annual Goal Setting

As a designer, you work hard ALL year, fulfilling the dreams of your clients! By the end of the year, you may have nothing left in your reserve tanks to give! You wonder what you have to show for all of that hard work. Did you spend your year working towards the goals you wanted to achieve? Or were you just trying to check off the next item on your to-do list?

Return on InteriorsSometimes, it feels like a little of both to me:) I have already confessed to you that I have never liked goal setting because I feel like a failure when I don’t reach the goal! Who likes to feel like a failure, right? Last year, I started changing the way I made my goals, and now I realize I was just making goals the wrong way!

What Did I Change?

To figure out my goals, I got a piece of paper and did a “brain dump.” I went crazy, and put all kinds of goals on the list. I had goals for Return on Interiors, design jobs, partnerships, projects, hiring, expanding, outsourcing, accounting, communication, advertising, publishing, etc.

Once I got my “Goal List”, I had to narrow my focus down, so I numbered the goals from most important to least important. I realized these were “outcome” goals, so I had to get more specific. Next to the goals, I set a “good, better, best” take on the goals.


Instead of big lofty statements like- “I’m going to make $1oo,oo0 dollars selling design packages in 2017,” have more specific goals like these below:

Good: I want to make $10,000 by selling 10 design packages at $1,000 each

Better: I want to make $50,000 by selling 25 design packages at $2,000 each

Best: I want to make $100,000 by selling 10 design packages at $10,000 each


  • Good- is totally do-able
  • Better- is probably do-able
  • Best- a huge reach- the kind that you would throw a party for if you attained it.

This I learned from Todd Herman, but I made my own take on his method.

Make Your Goals Actionable

I took my top three goals on my good-better-best list and made them actionable. For example, if my goal was to make $100,000, selling design packages, I would need to take the following steps:

  • Make a list of any existing clients that I could sell design packages to
  • Contact the potential clients (send a gift, mail a handwritten card, make a call)
  • Set up a meeting or meetings with the client
  • Etc.

Put Those Puppies in Your Calendar!

Once I put down my steps to take, I immediately put in due dates for those steps, which I transferred into my calendar.


I know that it is HARD to stick to goals!! And, let’s face it, life changes…I didn’t plan on moving my family to INDIA when I wrote goals in December of last year! So, we have to continually, stop and assess the goals.

To make setting goals easy for you, download this Goals worksheet. It is step-by-step and fill-in-the-blank. Hopefully this makes the overwhelm easier for you!

Click Here to Download the Goal Setting Worksheet

So remember…



PS. And don’t forget to download the Goal Setting Worksheet!