Be Prepared for a Prospective Client No Matter Where you Take the Call

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Have you ever been on a job site when you get a call from a potential client? When you answer your phone, you’re expecting it to be the wallpaper installer—the one you were praying would call—on the other end of the line.

But, to your surprise and delight, it is a potential new client. Yay!

When this happens, you must do a quick refocus. Ok, professional mode. Walk away from the hammer noises and hope they don’t notice. Ha!

Since there’s never a second chance to make a first impression, you want to do all that you can to switch gears and show your absolute best self to the prospective client.

While it is important to sound professional, in the design field, we are often at job sites because that is our job! So, what is the best way to impart authority and confidence?

Instead of freaking out, take a deep breath. Since you know you will sound a bit frazzled, let the potential client know that you would really like to chat with them and ask if you could call them at a different time, so you can give them your full focus.

They will appreciate your utter attention :).

Remember, your interactions with them before they become a client show what they can expect from you if they decide to work with you. Any client you want to work for should respect that your focus needs to be on the site you’re currently on. By taking their info and requesting to call them back, you show that you will do the same on their project in the future.

At this first call, it’s always a good idea to get the big-picture idea of the project your prospective client has in mind. All you need to gather is the type of project (such as a kitchen remodel or an addition) they want you to help them with, so that when you do call them back you can be a step ahead.

When you get to a quiet place to call the potential client back, be prepared. Even if it is your first communication, make sure you have the tools to ask the “right” questions.

Sometimes, you are so excited to chat, you go off tangent. I find it so much easier to have a form with me to fill out as I talk to the potential client.


Yes, remember to get their name, address, email and their preferred method of communication. But, be sure to ask questions about their potential project and budget.

Above all, listen carefully. Make the call about your prospect and listen to understand their dreams, project goals and parameters.

After they are done sharing, then you get into action to get the ball rolling on the project.

Have you scheduled a follow-up meeting? Do you need to prepare anything for the first in-depth meeting? Is it in your calendar?

Well, download this form and use it for your business! Your project-to-be will be set up for success from the get go!

Download Prospective Client Call-In Form