Be Prepared for a Prospective Client No Matter Where you Take the Call

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You never know when you might get a call from a prospective client. And it’s quite possible it will be at the absolute worst time. You know, when you’re in the middle of a job site with clanging hammers and buzzing drills. BUT, you’re a professional and can rise to the occasion. When you use my Prospective Client Form it will help you stay focused and on top of your game no matter the distractions.

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Even Holiday Travel Can Inspire You

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Got travel? I sure hope you do. It’s one of the best ways to ignite your inspiration as an interior designer. Even if your “vacation” is just going home for the holidays, take my tips for finding inspiration in the journey.

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Motivation When You Feel Stuck

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We all have them. Those days when we just cannot get motivated to tackle any work. Am I right? That’s why I have a handy list of things to motivate me when I get stuck. Check it out!

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Essential Interior Design Tools

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Are non-design-related activities bogging you down? That happened to me too, until I started relying on other tools to help run my design business smoothly and efficiently. Check out my list of Design Tools Every Interior Designer Needs.

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