How to Get Stuff Done ✔︎

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the 10 million things you HAVE to do? What do we do when we feel like this? Well, we write to-do lists. In fact, we write so much stuff on our lists, that we become overwhelmed. We don’t know where to start, so we either do nothing- or take the easiest thing and get […]

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Interior Design Business Review-1st Quarter

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Interior Design Business Review-1st Quarter Is this real?! Yep. We are about to hit the end of our first quarter. I know, you don’t have time to review your business. The year, just started, right?! Well, here I am to motivate you to JUST DO IT! You can make this year the BIGGEST and BEST! How […]

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Installation Day

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After working so hard on a design project, how do you minimize the stress on install day(s)? Get the free download on the blog to really prepare yourself, so you can allow for your creative juices to still be alive when styling the project:) Hint: You don’t leave everything for the day before!

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Managing Website Updates

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Managing Website Updates I just spent hours trying to update images on my Kathleen DiPaolo Designs website. I admit, I have been so focused on Return on Interiors, that I haven’t even looked at my site in ohhhh, about a year! AND, I did say trying, because I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do. […]

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Why Creatives Crave Organization

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Why Creatives Crave Organization We designers are creatives! We walk into a space and see it completely different in our minds. We create… Balance Cohesion Texture Moods and Feelings And, guess what? A lot of this is intuitive. We feel a space and know exactly what it needs to transform into a dream space. We […]

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Organizing Your Client

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Organizing Your Client Last week, I talked about organizing your digital files in this post: Digital File Organization. Hopefully, you either have a system in place or have adopted some of my tips. One of the greatest byproducts of being organized yourself, is organizing your design clients! Really? Organize your clients? Yep. Keeping your client […]

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