Blogging Made Easy with Trello

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Do you want to be a blogger who actually blogs consistently? We KNOW that we are supposed to be consistent, but it just didn’t happen for me…until I used Trello!

This post breaks down my blogging process using Trello. It also demonstrates how I manage the dance between my assistant and me. We delegate to each other and rely on each other so that every part gets done!

I have also made this very easy for you to try yourself! I have created a public Interior Design Blog Board on Trello that you can copy and paste. Just grab it HERE.

This is the overall visual process of the steps I take to get my blog out:

For those of you not familiar with Trello, here is a little Trello 101. There are so many bells and whistles that can be layered on, so check them out HERE:

In order to get a blog published and promoted, my assistant and I move the blog “card” from the first column on the left to the farthest column on the right after completing certain tasks.

Are you ready to start blogging with ease? Get your copy of Blogging Made Easy with Trello here!

I begin with the “Article ideas.”

After using my Editorial Blogging Calendar I wrote about in this post, I add all of the potential blog posts to this column with their due dates in the title. If I have a quick idea about key points to make or a catchy title, I add it at this time.

When I start writing the post, I move the card to the writing column.

I do give myself an out. Sometimes, I just can’t find the mojo to write on the blog topic, so I move those into an “On Hold” column.After I finish writing the blog, I add some images and then delegate the upload of the remaining graphics to my assistant, by putting the “card” in the “Add Graphics to Post” column. This step includes any “freebie” download or “lead magnet.”

My assistant then schedules the blog after she has finished up with the graphics.

In order to share the blog, I need to put in the social media introduction for Facebook, etc. and then my assistant distributes the blog to other social media channels.

Do you know what is so exciting? I get to put a check on the checklist, and I feel SOOOO accomplished!

When that is finished, the blog goes into a completed column.

How does the delegation work?

This works beautifully! I have accountability, and I am being accountable to someone else. I love seeing the blog move throughout the process, so I immediately know when I have to do something next.

I add things into my calendar when they are due, so I don’t forget and don’t have the “delegation breakdown” I wrote about in the blog post, “You Delegated, Now What?”

Trello integrates with my calendar, DropBox, Google Docs and so many other things! They call them “power-ups.”

So, if your blogging process isn’t working for you—or you seem to fall behind—grab the public Interior Design Blog Board on Trello (that you can copy and paste) HERE.

Be sure to grab my Blogging Made Easy with Trello instructions: HERE!


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