Bathroom Remodel Scheduling

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Bathroom Remodel Scheduling I recently remodeled a secondary bath in my house. It is a small bath. So small, I had to reconfigure it to open the space up. (Read: The kids didn’t like to stand in the bathtub while brushing their teeth!) It was one of those spots that I did not change when I remodeled my […]

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Marble Countertops- Dare I?

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Marble Countertops- Dare I? It is NO secret that I LOVE marble countertops! I mean, really!  What’s not to love? The pros just make me happy! Nature’s colors Beautiful movement found in veining Having a work of art in your home Cool surface for baking (Not that I do much of that!) Stands up to heat Adds warmth and […]

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Cement Tile vs. Encaustic Tile

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I love using cement tiles in my designs because they are gorgeous! Recently, I was in a tile showroom and the words encaustic tile and cement tile were thrown around interchangeably. Since I didn’t know the difference, I asked the salesperson.

Well, she answered in a way that I knew she had no clue! Haha. So, I had to do some digging! Visit the blog to see stunning tiles, a video of craftsman making the beauties and grab your free resource guide!

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Countertop Pros and Cons: Concrete

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Deciding if concrete countertops fit well with your kitchen or bath is not always easy, but weighing the pros against the cons can be a good place to start. So what are the pros and cons of using this material? See the blog for some eye candy and the pros and cons of using concrete as a countertop!

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