Money Is Better than Celebrity

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It’s normal to think that what we see on social media is reality, but too often it’s smoke and mirrors. It LOOKS like those other designers are doing fabulously, but the real truth is often not that glam. They have businesses to run, just like you do.

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4 Things Every Design Project Budget System Must Have

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When your design business is buttoned down from top to bottom, not only will your current clients will be thrilled with how it feels to work with you, it will also help lead to more business because of their referrals…and we like referrals. :-). Check out the 4 things every design project budget system must have.

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Determining the Design Project Budget

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Determining the Design Project Budget What is the most frequently asked question on any design project? That’s easy! “What is your budget?” Guess what? At the onset of ANY project, whether interior design and furnishing or remodel, no one knows. You can give an estimate for a high-end kitchen remodel or a new build, but as […]

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