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Interior Design Business Goal Review Time!

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Yep. It’s TIME!!! You are officially in your 4th quarter.  I know, you don’t want to review your interior design business. You are too busy, right? Well, before you know it, you will even be busier and if you don’t look at your business now, you will hit New Year’s Day with a depressing thud. […]

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Finish Design Projects with Style

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When you hit that last stage of a project, you’re probably a bit tired of it. You’ve worked hard, maybe you’re burned out, and the clients are clamoring to get back in their home. That’s the wrong time to get a flash of inspiration for final details. So how do you finish strong AND with style? I’m glad you asked!

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Don’t Quit

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Do you want to quit? DON’T! It’s perfectly normal to have bad days when you question why you’re building your own interior design business. Check out our latest blog to learn some tips for how to lift yourself out of the valley of self-doubt.

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