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Design, Build & Renovation Team Members & Their Roles

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Design, Build & Renovation Team Members & Their Roles Nothing is more exciting than starting a new design project! (OK, maybe installing said design project?! I digress…) As your creative juices start flowing, you realize that the project isn’t going to be only furnishings and accessories. The project blossoms and soon you are doing a new bathroom […]

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Client Attraction

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Client Attraction How do you attract clients? As designers, we get so crazy dealing with our day to day business, that we forget that we need new clients until that job is over! Yes, I am talking about new clients, but remember, that your best clients are often repeat clients. So, you better take care of your existing clients as well! How […]

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Design Project Schedule

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Design Project Schedule This has been a month of scheduling tips! One thing that you may have realized is that:  NO DESIGN PROJECT IS ALIKE!!! When no two design projects are alike, no two timelines are alike. This can be frustrating for the designer- and the client! What is even more frustrating is explaining this […]

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Design Presentation Success

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Design Presentation Success You have been working for weeks or months and cannot wait to present your ideas to your clients! You are very excited…until about 2-3 days before. That is when worry sets in. Do you think they will like it? Do I have everything? Am I missing samples? So many questions pop up and you […]

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Bathroom Remodel Scheduling

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Bathroom Remodel Scheduling I recently remodeled a secondary bath in my house. It is a small bath. So small, I had to reconfigure it to open the space up. (Read: The kids didn’t like to stand in the bathtub while brushing their teeth!) It was one of those spots that I did not change when I remodeled my […]

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