New Perspective to Gain Insight

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New Perspective to Gain Insight Have you ever ordered the wrong size table for a client? Or have a vendor deliver a damaged night stand? Yes, the one that you had been waiting a LONG time for? Or had the contractor install the countertop with the wrong sink? It just makes you want to cry! OK, and […]

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Outsourcing for Your Design Business

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Outsourcing for Your Design Business When you dreamed about becoming an interior designer, did you realize how much time you would spend on non-design-related items? Items that don’t let you work in your sweet spot? I know a LOT of designers who neither like dealing with the administrative side of the business, nor like dealing with all of […]

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Don’t Quit

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Don’t Quit I know! Really, I do!! Sometimes you just want to quit! You are fed up and can’t take it any more. You cry. You scream. You are bitter. You think the interior design business is just not meant for YOU. DON’T QUIT! You are better than that. You can overcome this feeling through […]

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Marble Countertops- Dare I?

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Marble Countertops- Dare I? It is NO secret that I LOVE marble countertops! I mean, really!  What’s not to love? The pros just make me happy! Nature’s colors Beautiful movement found in veining Having a work of art in your home Cool surface for baking (Not that I do much of that!) Stands up to heat Adds warmth and […]

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Cement Tile vs. Encaustic Tile

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I love using cement tiles in my designs because they are gorgeous! Recently, I was in a tile showroom and the words encaustic tile and cement tile were thrown around interchangeably. Since I didn’t know the difference, I asked the salesperson.

Well, she answered in a way that I knew she had no clue! Haha. So, I had to do some digging! Visit the blog to see stunning tiles, a video of craftsman making the beauties and grab your free resource guide!

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Remodel Punch List

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I sincerely believe, completing a design punch list is one of the most critical parts of an interior designer’s job! It is so distressing to see clients who were once so excited, go to the “dark side!” See the blog for a free, downloadable Remodel Punch List template. Enjoy!

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