5 Tips to Transform Your Bedroom with Lighting

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Would you like to transform a bedroom from great to spectacular? Here are 5 Tips to help you on your way! Think in pairs! Balance and symmetry rests the mind- and YOU! I love a pretty pair of lamps next to a bedside table. I designed the room below using texture and sheen to create a tranquil […]

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Kitchen Lighting

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Kitchen lighting is a fun yet BIG challenge because it involves layering lighting. A kitchen needs overhead (ambient), accent (pendants) and task (under counter) lighting. It is a space where people spend a lot of time drinking wine, I mean, cooking, eating, doing homework and entertaining. Because I am a designer, it goes without saying, […]

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Bathroom Lighting

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Bathroom lighting is a big challenge. The lighting needs to be practical, functional and, most importantly (to me!), pretty. You need just the right amount of light to groom yourself (primp, stare at yourself). So how do you pick the perfect bathroom vanity lighting? To achieve the best lighting, have more lights, than less. I always […]

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