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Design, Build & Renovation Team Members & Their Roles

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Design, Build & Renovation Team Members & Their Roles Nothing is more exciting than starting a new design project! (OK, maybe installing said design project?! I digress…) As your creative juices start flowing, you realize that the project isn’t going to be only furnishings and accessories. The project blossoms and soon you are doing a new bathroom […]

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3 Easy Steps to Define Your Ideal Clients

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Your Ideal Clients I’ve talked about Keeping and Retaining Clients, but what if you don’t really love your existing clients? Maybe you love them, but are not making enough money by serving them. What if you don’t really feel your designer mojo (technical term! HA!) when you work with your existing clients?! If you aren’t […]

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Marble Countertops- Dare I?

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Marble Countertops- Dare I? It is NO secret that I LOVE marble countertops! I mean, really!  What’s not to love? The pros just make me happy! Nature’s colors Beautiful movement found in veining Having a work of art in your home Cool surface for baking (Not that I do much of that!) Stands up to heat Adds warmth and […]

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