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Marble Countertops- Dare I?

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Marble Countertops- Dare I? It is NO secret that I LOVE marble countertops! I mean, really!  What’s not to love? The pros just make me happy! Nature’s colors Beautiful movement found in veining Having a work of art in your home Cool surface for baking (Not that I do much of that!) Stands up to heat Adds warmth and […]

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Cement Tile vs. Encaustic Tile

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I love using cement tiles in my designs because they are gorgeous! Recently, I was in a tile showroom and the words encaustic tile and cement tile were thrown around interchangeably. Since I didn’t know the difference, I asked the salesperson.

Well, she answered in a way that I knew she had no clue! Haha. So, I had to do some digging! Visit the blog to see stunning tiles, a video of craftsman making the beauties and grab your free resource guide!

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Steam Showers

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Do you love going to spas and using the steam bath? I do!! I recommend them to most of my clients. Learn the simple requirements in order to install one and read all about the benefits on the blog! Enjoy:)

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