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Hard Work Pays Off in Your Interior Design Business

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Owning your own business is HARD WORK. It takes a lot of our time and effort – there just isn’t an easy way out. We have to put our heads down and get the job done. There’s no wand you can wave to make it all happen without hard work. BUT – there are things you can do to make your job easier! Here are some of my best tips for getting more done!

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Don’t Stop Now! How to Avoid Interior Design Fatigue

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You are SOOOOOO close. I know, you’re SOOOOOO exhausted. When it feels like you’ve been working on this project (whether it’s a remodel, building or design project) FOREVER (in some cases you have), that’s when you know. You have design project fatigue. Never fear! It’s curable. But, it’s also contagious 🙂 Be aware your clients […]

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