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Get Ready for a Photo Shoot!

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Get Ready for a Photo Shoot! Last week, I wrote about Installation Day, but what comes next? Photo Shoot Day(s)! Photo shoot time is also very exciting, but getting ready for the shoot can be nerve wracking! Do you have the right accessories, flowers, containers? Will the lighting be good enough? On the other hand, it is […]

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Organizing Your Client

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Organizing Your Client Last week, I talked about organizing your digital files in this post: Digital File Organization. Hopefully, you either have a system in place or have adopted some of my tips. One of the greatest byproducts of being organized yourself, is organizing your design clients! Really? Organize your clients? Yep. Keeping your client […]

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Design, Build & Renovation Team Members & Their Roles

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Design, Build & Renovation Team Members & Their Roles Nothing is more exciting than starting a new design project! (OK, maybe installing said design project?! I digress…) As your creative juices start flowing, you realize that the project isn’t going to be only furnishings and accessories. The project blossoms and soon you are doing a new bathroom […]

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Client Communication

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Client Communication Can we start the year out with some awesome client communication? The kind of communication that helps you avoid mixups, delays and mistakes- and creates a beautiful client-designer collaboration? Heck ya! Communication is essential to a happy client/designer relationship! Who has time to re-do, re-work and re-start at any point during the design process? […]

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Annual Goal Setting

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Annual Goal Setting As a designer, you work hard ALL year, fulfilling the dreams of your clients! By the end of the year, you may have nothing left in your reserve tanks to give! You wonder what you have to show for all of that hard work. Did you spend your year working towards the goals you wanted to achieve? Or […]

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