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Client Attraction

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Client Attraction How do you attract clients? As designers, we get so crazy dealing with our day to day business, that we forget that we need new clients until that job is over! Yes, I am talking about new clients, but remember, that your best clients are often repeat clients. So, you better take care of your existing clients as well! How […]

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Determining the Design Project Budget

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Determining the Design Project Budget What is the most frequently asked question on any design project? That’s easy! “What is your budget?” Guess what? At the onset of ANY project, whether interior design and furnishing or remodel, no one knows. You can give an estimate for a high-end kitchen remodel or a new build, but as […]

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Prioritize Your To-Do List

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Prioritize Your To-Do List We all have to-do lists. We write stuff done and then, BOOM! We are overwhelmed. We don’t know where to start, so we either do nothing or we take the easiest thing and get it done. Then, we look back at our list and become overwhelmed again. AHHHHHH! (Yep, I am screaming out loud!) When I stay up […]

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How to Organize for Furniture Market

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How to Organize for (and Get the Most Out of!) Furniture Market With High Point Furniture Market around the corner and other local furniture markets happening, I want to give you some tools to see the “right” things- AND remember and organize what you saw! Trust me, there are some really great blog posts out there […]

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ROI Designers in the News!!

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ROI Designers in the News!! Don’t you love being proud of someone who has worked really, really hard? What about a group of someones? Well, guess what? I am so PROUD of the many ROI designers who have graced social media lately, and I want to share! I don’t know if you saw the lovely black and white kitchen […]

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