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Money Is Better than Celebrity

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It’s normal to think that what we see on social media is reality, but too often it’s smoke and mirrors. It LOOKS like those other designers are doing fabulously, but the real truth is often not that glam. They have businesses to run, just like you do.

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Blogging Editorial Calendar

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Blogging Editorial Calendar I have two more blog posts to write until the end of the year…and I can’t believe I did it!! What, say you? I actually got a blog out every Tuesday this entire year! Was it easy? Hells to the bells, no! I mean, I did move continents; I have the SLOWEST […]

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ROI Designers in the News!!

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ROI Designers in the News!! Don’t you love being proud of someone who has worked really, really hard? What about a group of someones? Well, guess what? I am so PROUD of the many ROI designers who have graced social media lately, and I want to share! I don’t know if you saw the lovely black and white kitchen […]

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