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Interior Design Fees

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Interior Design Fees I remember when I first started designing, I was so embarrassed to give my fee structure to potential clients. I just couldn’t OWN it! I would beat around the bushes until I HAD to give my fee. UGH! Not only did I hate talking about my fees, but I also didn’t understand how […]

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The Photo Shoot and Magazine Reveal

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The Photo Shoot and Magazine Reveal First, you do your install, then comes Photo Shoot Day (s), then comes Published Day! OMG. If it was THAT easy!! I am TOTALLY excited that my new build project in La Quinta, CA (near Palm Springs) just got published in Elegant Homes magazine!  Let me tell ya’, it […]

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4 Steps to Uplevel Your Interior Design Business

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How to Uplevel Your Interior Design Business Are you exhausted from trying to figure out how to UPLEVEL your design business? Have you been a designer for YEARS, but somehow the you feel like you are scrambling to get stuff DONE for your clients? Well, it is NOT easy to juggle all there is in your design business. […]

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Get the Best Clients by Setting Client Expectations

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Get the Best Clients by Setting Client Expectations As an interior designer, we can totally “see” how our client’s space will look after we get our paws on it! However, making that vision a reality is something that doesn’t happen overnight. We need to set client expectations, so they follow along on the ride and are excited when the […]

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