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Client Attraction

How do you attract clients? As designers, we get so crazy dealing with our day to day business, that we forget that we need new clients until that job is over! Yes, I am talking about new clients, but remember, that your best clients are often repeat clients. So, you better take care of your existing clients as well!

How do we get those great, new clients and keep our existing clients happy? I think one of the most important things is to know exactly who you are as a designer and a design business.

Don’t compare yourself to other designers. Don’t offer what other designers are offering. If you do what everyone else is doing, those clients, your “peeps”, won’t be attracted to YOU for YOU!

Ideal Client

Who is your ideal client? I’ve talked about niching your design business, but if you haven’t done it, you need to start that process NOW. Even if you have niched your business, is it niched enough? Listen to your gut.

Remember, just because other designers post some fabulous thing on Facebook or Instagram, it doesn’t mean that they are MAKING MONEY! Am I right?!

So, figure out who your “peeps” are. Really, what clients do YOU want to work with? What services do they want?? What services can you create that will attract those clients?

Best Website

Create the BEST website you can pay for. Design your site so the clients YOU want to attract will see one image of your work and be HOOKED! Potential and existing clients go to your website! Existing clients want to see what new work you are doing, and they want to share it with their friends!

Don’t forget to update your website. I have let it slide, too many times! If you add some project photos it won’t take a long time. It is when you wait for a year to add new images on to your site, that takes a LONG time!

Remember, you want to talk to those amazing clients, so make those interior design offerings and services SING to your future fans. Talk to your IDEAL CLIENTS! Your ideal clients are those who are attracted to your niched business.

Follow Up

Do you follow up with potential clients/client leads? You know, the ones that didn’t call you back? When a potential client initially contacted you, they may have been too overwhelmed to start a project. Call to see if there is anything you can help with.

If you don’t have any leads, call your past clients to check in on them. I don’t know about you, but I often become close friends with my clients and I miss our fun banter! So, just call or write a handwritten note to them. Let them know that you are thinking of them, and that you are around in case they need you!
You may want to up-level that idea around the holidays and drop off or mail them a gift with a personal note. See if they need any help getting their homes ready for guests! I know I always need help! Haha. Sometimes, we feel too busy to check in on old clients, but I recommend scheduling a regular time to do this…and keep that time sacred.



You have probably spent so much money on logos and websites, so utilize those logos! Reach new clients and let your brand be on top of existing clients’ minds by using BRANDED materials- the brand that will be synonymous with YOU and the interior design services you offer. Yes, use your pretty logo to the fullest!


When you interact with your clients, be ORGANIZED! An organized designer is a recommended designer! That is literally one of the MAIN reasons I created the Return on Interiors System! I wanted to communicate my brand to my clients, contractors and anyone else I am in contact with.

I use Return on Interiors:

  • With new client interactions (questionnaires)
  • Making sure I have everything I need before I go to a job site or client meeting. (Don’t you hate it when you leave a job site and have to call your client or contractor to ask another question?)
  • To give an example of something (lighting, tile designs, faucet options, tile and stone terminology, etc.) to my clients when I am explaining what I want to design
  • On the job sites, I don’t have to remember how high a countertop should be, or the different measurements for a Cal King and a King bed when determining how far apart the electrical sockets should be, or how big a table I need to specify

There is so much more, but I use it every day and am so happy to have it branded for my clients, contractors and trades. My logo gets passed around to everyone:)

Can we say FREE marketing?

So, go ahead and attract the RIGHT clients!! Download this free PDF, so you have some steps to recall if you are finding it hard to attract new clients!

Click Here to Download the Client Attraction Planner



PS. If you want branded client interaction documents, check out the Return on Interiors Sampler to see if the system can help YOU up-level your design business! Click HERE for the ROI Sampler!

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Get organized, communicate efficiently, and demonstrate your value to your clients.
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