Design Project Schedule

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Design Project Schedule

This has been a month of scheduling tips! One thing that you may have realized is that:


When no two design projects are alike, no two timelines are alike. This can be frustrating for the designer- and the client! What is even more frustrating is explaining this to a client.

Did I mention no two clients are alike? Even the clients you have repeat business with? The repeats have more knowledge, different needs and different wants for each project.

Each project has a different scope and different set of variables. Some project scopes are:

  • Furnishing/accessorizing only projects
  • Kitchen projects, which vary from complete demo to changing a backsplash or paint
  • The designer can’t make fast decisions because she may have 12 other projects going on at the same time
  • New builds
  • Remodels and completely new furnishings
  • Contractors and trades are in high demand and won’t get to the job site on time
  • Your client can’t make decisions…and slow the project down
  • Project scopes morph into bigger scopes

Living Room Design Project

You get it! Designers often hold the brunt of the changes and delays. Each change doesn’t just effect your project, but it effects your other clients who may share the same contractor, painter, tile installer. Sometimes, we feel like we are part of the circus! We designers are the BEST jugglers:)

How do you explain this to your clients?? It is important to address things that effect timelines at the onset of a job. However, that time is the “honeymoon period” of your design relationship, so this mention is often forgotten.

So, mention it often – even when the client is the one who is causing the delay. Being aware that a decision- or lack thereof, causes a delay is important to communicate!

Sometimes, a visual diagram is the best way. This diagram is great because it shows how varied the projects can be!

Go ahead and download this free flow chart! I love that you can explain to your clients how to speed up your job as well as how certain things can slow down a job.

Start using the Project Schedule as part of your client communication. In fact, I keep it out so that I can constantly refer to it.

Click Here to Download the Design Project Schedule

I hope it helps your design communication! If you have any tips, I would love to hear them!!



PS. Don’t forget to download your Project Schedule: Here!!