Even Holiday Travel Can Inspire You

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There’s nothing better to ignite your design inspiration than travel and visits to new places. You gain new perspectives, you interact with new people and you might even be driven outside your comfort zone. All of these things can give your creativity a boost.

I need to quench my wanderlust every single year. It’s my way to stop and refuel and involves getting away and traveling to a place/country I have never been to. When I am at home, I stop seeing the beauty in the every day because I am running around at warp speed.

But, even though I know how important travel is to me (and my sanity!), I often make excuses for not being able to leave or leave packing and planning to the absolute last minute. I mean, who can leave everything behind?

Yet, something magical happens as soon as I get on that plane: I find peace. In the journey from home to my next destination, I open my mind. I start to see beauty. It’s so essential for me as a designer to fuel my soul and dream of new creative ideas for my clients.

Even if you travel to places that you’ve been before, getting outside of your normal routine to shake things up is always revitalizing.

Since we’re heading into a busy holiday travel season. . .

Oh, I hear you. You’re wondering how visiting relatives for the holidays qualifies as “vacation.”  Even though traveling to see relatives might not always FEEL like a vacation, if you’re heading by train, plane or automobile it’s still travel and beneficial to give your creative mojo a jolt.

The everyday patterns and household to-do lists are paused, and you typically have some time to do those things you wish you would in your own town!

Here are some of my ideas to get your creative juices going by shifting your perspective.

  1. Talk a walk
    There’s always downtime, so take advantage and get outside—even if it is cold. Why? Nature is often the best inspiration. As fall turns into winter, you need to envelope all your senses in the splendor. Smell the crisp air. See the beautiful fall color or the sun sparkling off freshly fallen snow. Listen for the different sounds of the season. Leaves rustling beneath your feet and wind whistling.
  2. Cook
    There’s always a lot of cooking happening around the holidays for most of us. Maybe you bake special treats and family favorites you might only experience once a year. Although cooking may be more stressful during this time, especially if the house is full and you feel like you’re cooking for an army, I encourage you to see—really SEE—the new colors and textures and smells that meld together to create your meals. Sound a little woo-woo? Woo-hoo or not, don’t dismiss the inspiration you can get from the kitchen. When I see beautiful food, it evokes new color palates and textures that I can use in my design work.
  3. Visit a local museum
    I bet you have beautiful museums where you live, but how often have you actually visited them? I know! It’s sad, but that’s often the reality. So, commit to checking out a museum on your holiday travel. The art will provide endless inspiration!
  4. Be grateful!
    Yes, go ahead and be grateful. When you start counting your blessings, you stop thinking about what we are missing and open ourselves up to what is. Being present and the perspective it brings, inspires your heart and mind.

“It is when we stop thinking about what we don’t have or what we lack, and become grateful for who we are, that we can gain access to true unlimited inspiration.”

—Frank Arrigazzi

No matter where your holiday travels take you, be sure to enjoy the journey. Pause. Open up ALL of your senses and appreciate the opportunity to get out of your normal routine.

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