Give Your Clients the Best Experience

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Give Your Clients the Best Experience

I love my clients and am always trying to figure out how to do a better job for them! I want my clients to feel like hiring me was the best decision they made when starting their design project:) So, how do I figure out what to improve on?

In order to improve upon your client’s experience, you need to first identify the client’s touchpoints in your business. Every design firm is a bit different, but once you identify your touchpoints, then you can set about improving them!

What Is a Client Touchpoint?

Client touchpoints are the moments where your business, or brand, comes in contact with your client, from before a project starts (your website, your social media profiles, your business card), to the very end of a project (installation, walk through, follow up).

As a designer, you may be able to leave your clients with a gorgeous space at the end of a project, but what will your client actually remember about the project?? Will they remember that you made a mistake on the invoicing, or that you never followed through on your punch list?

Both of these examples are the points at which your client can go from happy to the “dark side!” Why? An un-finished item will stay in the client’s mind a LOT longer than the beauty.

Beautifully remodeled living room

How Do You Find Your Touchpoints?

I found my client touchpoints by putting myself in my client’s brain. I thought that if I was a client, what would I do before I hired my design firm, during our design project collaboration, and after our design project finished. I made a list of each of the places and times of the contact.

Even though design firms are all a bit different, I have a free download that you can use, to help you identify your firm’s client touchpoints.

Click Here to Download the Client Touchpoint Worksheet

Remember: This download is a place to start, and many of these touchpoints can have  have a lot of related parts. For example, “advertisements” could include everything from a Facebook ad, to office signage, to your display window. So, use the download as a framework and expand upon it.

Don’t forget to complete the exercise from the customer’s view point, not how you expect them to use your services or products.

Now What?

Fill in the download with your client touchpoints you have identified. This is only the first step. Be honest with yourself and see if you can improve on their experience. If you think your experience is perfect…is it consistent? Now, if you aren’t sure what is or isn’t working, what do you do?

Go ask your clients! Use a survey to see what can be improved, if you don’t want to put your client on the spot. Be sure to let your clients know that you are always trying to up your game and improve their experience, so anything they can share will help them and other clients!

So, go ahead, and make a resolution to figure out how to be the best designer you can be!




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