Client Touchpoints: Always Room for Improvement

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When it comes to the client experience I deliver, I believe there’s always room for improvement. ALWAYS. My fabulous clients are the lifeblood of my business (and the source for many, many referrals). I want to do everything in my power to make them feel they made the best decisions of their lives by hiring me for their design projects!

So, I put myself in their shoes.

To find ways to improve my service and my clients’ experiences with my business (there’s always something), I look at every touchpoint they have with me and my team as if I were the client. If I were the client and worked with a design firm, how would I like to be treated when I was trying to determine who to work with, during our design collaboration and after the project was finished?

These client touchpoints are the building blocks for our relationship.

What is a client touchpoint?

A client touchpoint is every moment where your brand touches your client from before they even sign on the dotted line to the final walkthrough and every moment in between. It’s your business card and website; in-person meetings and email communications. It’s also the way you create excitement and the experience you deliver throughout the design process. Did you make it fun?

Think about every opportunity you have to make an impression—these are your client touchpoints—and what you might be able to do to make that impression a lasting memory.

A note of caution: Just one bad experience can tarnish a handful of stellar touchpoints that preceded it. You can’t take any of them for granted.

Although each of our businesses are different, generally our touchpoints will fall into the following areas. If you pay attention to how you deliver each of these touchpoints, you’re well on your way to a better client experience and ultimately happier clients.

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How you market your company

Is your website outdated—in design, functionality or content? Is it easy to use and find information? Does your portfolio represent your latest projects? The way you market your business is a reflection of you. Make sure your business card, your marketing materials, social media profiles and website accurately portray your design aesthetic and attention to detail.

How you present yourself

Are you disheveled and harried when interacting with your clients? You want to make it a priority to make your clients feel like they are your priority when you interact with them whether in person, over the phone or online.

Tools you use

Think about what tools you use to interact with your clients to communicate your design ideas or project status. Are they professional? Easy to use? Thorough? Consider how you might elevate your clients’ experiences throughout the project with the tools you use.

Information you provide

If you have notebooks or handouts that you give clients, are they easy to understand and designed professionally? Are you verbally vomiting or providing easy-to-digest nuggets of design wisdom for your clients to consider? The ways you deliver information to communicate, make decisions and keep projects on track also reflect you.

How do you stand out?

What are ways that you can provide a client experience that is memorable? How do you take everyday interactions and amp them up into something special? Think about the way you answer your phone, the way you sign your emails, how you celebrate the end of a project. What are you doing to stand out—and be different—than anything your clients have experienced before? Surprise them every once in awhile. That element of surprise will be the thing they remember and share with others.

Consistency is key

Just like with any relationship, consistency in the way you deliver at each customer touchpoint is your key to success. Pay attention to each touchpoint and consistently strive to improve. Remember, there is ALWAYS room to improve.

How to get started

To help you identify every touchpoint you have with your clients, I created this FREE Client Touchpoint Worksheet as a place to start and get those creative juices flowing.

Don’t forget to complete the Client Touchpoint Worksheet from your customer’s point of view. This is ALL about them.

Once you’ve done your best completing the worksheet and identifying areas for improvement, I think the icing on the cake is to ask my clients to give me their opinion. A client survey is a great way to wrap up every project and to let your clients know that you are always trying to elevate your game and improve their experience.

And, who doesn’t like to share their opinion, right?



Click Here to Download the Client Touchpoint Worksheet


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