Interior Design Paralysis

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Well, a few weeks ago, when I was getting ready to move to India, I had this, “Oh Crap!” moment. Well, weekend, really. I felt so overwhelmed I couldn’t do anything!

We have ALL had it! Whether in our interior design projects or our personal lives, we get tapped out.

I got an email this week from a designer who was about to go into surgery and was so overwhelmed by everything she had to do BEFORE that surgery, that she was paralyzed. You’ve heard of it.


You just think TOO much about something and end up NOT doing anything!!

Believe me, sometimes I literally get sick, physically sick, with a headache or backache, when I have so much going on that my body just shuts down for me.

Over the years I have learned to listen to my body. I know the signs and STOP!

Why does this happen…FEAR!

Fear of…

  • The unknown (moving to INDIA?!)
  • Not knowing which path to take (The design project is MUCH bigger or different than ones you usually do, so you aren’t sure of the exact next steps)
  • Trying something new in your design, something BOLD that is potentially a future costly mistake

Guess what? If you ever want to push your business or design further, you MUST get used to it?

You will NEVER have a smooth sailing business (or life!) That sounds crazy and harsh, but it is true. Everyday, I learn something new or see something different that I want to incorporate. Literally, every day!

So, I have learned to LEAN IN when I feel that sickness.

So what do I do?

  1. I let myself have a mini-collapse. I lay on the sofa and watch Netflix or read a book. I let my mind wander! This gives me a mental break so I can start fresh. So, go ahead and give yourself a break in your favorite way!
  2. If I have trouble with what to do next, I reframe the issue. I start putting down ALL of the steps that are running through my head on paper in no order at all! This frees my brain up to think of things as a puzzle. Then, once everything is down on paper, I rearrange it all into an order that works for me! When doing this yourself, be sure to differentiate between the BIG and little decisions. All steps are not equal, but writing them all down helps you categorize.
  3. Give myself permission. Permission to change my mind. Guess what? The decision doesn’t have to be the perfect one! I know, we are all perfectionists, but there are so many things out of our control in the design business, that you just have to let go! Give yourself permission to NOT have the perfect answer.
  4. Take steps. Baby steps. You don’t have to have ALL of the answers, just take a step and then another, and another and slowly (I know, I hate any word that has slow in it!), you will see the path.
  5. If I can’t even do one step, I give myself a time limit. Try it! Give yourself a time limit! Yes, set that clock!!

Note Taking
Just take ACTION!!

Turn that brain off and do SOMETHING! Somehow, after my mini-meltdowns, I feel free to DO.

Remember that post where I wrote…

Return on Interiors®

Think of this, when you are paralyzed by fear. Again, feel free to have a mini-breakdown, haha, but then rise and shine and JUST DO IT!!

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How to get over your analysis paralysis

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