Kitchen Remodel Scheduling

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Kitchen Remodel Scheduling

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Yep, a lot of people like to have a schedule!! A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on Bathroom Remodel Scheduling and because I got such positive feedback, (Thanks, Peeps!!), I thought I would write a post on Kitchen Remodel Scheduling.

Well, you know what that means…I had to do a little Google search on “How long does it take to remodel a kitchen.” REALLY? The answer from several sources is 6-8 weeks.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Please understand that this is COMPLETELY unrealistic!! For a new kitchen, you are looking at at least 6 months!

Just like a bathroom remodel, the real reason you cannot do a remodel in 6-8 weeks, is that even with the best planned schedule, the schedule won’t include 3 things:

  1. Prep and Design Time BEFORE you start to demo
  2. Unknowns
  3. Delays caused by scheduling trades and inspections

The kitchen remodel begins with preparation and design time. Before you even think about demo, decisions need to be made like:

Before the Demo

  1. Floor plan/layout
  2. Look/design
  3. Effects on existing walls, windows, floors and ceilings
  4. Lighting
  5. Ventilation
  6. Plumbing selections
  7. Tile selections
  8. Hardware selections
  9. Countertop selections
  10. Cabinet door selections/decisions
  11. Additional storage needs

Once everything is selected and looks amazing on paper, orders are placed and certain items must be at the job site before demo begins and everyone’s lives are interrupted.

At the Job site BEFORE Demo Begins have:

  1. Plumbing selections
  2. Tile selections
  3. Hardware selections
  4. Countertop selections (OK, this can be at the fabricator)

Then, and only then, ON WITH THE DEMO- and the other “Scheduling Day 1” begins.

This sounds great, right?! Being prepared has never felt so good!! You can download my Kitchen Remodel Scheduling Timeline HERE. But, it begins with this:

Kitchen Remodel Scheduling

** Before ANY demo, all plumbing fixtures, appliances, lighting and tile/stone/slabs must be selected and ordered. These often have long lead times and ordering in advance avoids any unnecessary inconvenience.

AND, it ends with this:

A few things that may affect your schedule:

  • Unexpected concealed items such as rot or water damage exposed during demolition
  • Special order items that will have to be delivered
  • Products that arrive damaged and must be returned
  • Fixing existing items that may not have been installed correctly in the first place
  • Weather conditions
  • If kitchen is part of a full home renovation or addition
  • If plumbing needs to be moved in concrete subfloor
  • Allow for a few days during renovation to allow for Inspections

Those few things are not “maybes”. I tell clients to expect those few things because they are on EVERY job! We talk about it, we prepare for it, so please, bring it up before, during and at the end of the remodel.

But be sure to give them the Kitchen Remodel Scheduling Timeline HERE. Clients love to have something to look at and prepare themselves with!

If you want to get the Bathroom Remodel Scheduling Timeline, so you have BOTH general schedules, click HERE.


Click Here to Download the Kitchen Remodel Schedule




PS. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section!!


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