Marble Countertops- Dare I?

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Marble Countertops- Dare I?

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Powder Room- Design by Kathleen DiPaolo

It is NO secret that I LOVE marble countertops!

I mean, really!  What’s not to love? The pros just make me happy!

  • Nature’s colors
  • Beautiful movement found in veining
  • Having a work of art in your home
  • Cool surface for baking (Not that I do much of that!)
  • Stands up to heat
  • Adds warmth and character to any space
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Kitchen- Design by Kathleen DiPaolo

Master Bathroom

Bathroom- Design by Kathleen DiPaolo

I use marble in kitchens, bathrooms, table tops – well, just about anywhere!

I love when it is veiny and I love when the veins are soft.

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Kitchen- Design by Kathleen DiPaolo

So WHY do people GET. SO. NERVOUS about using it?!

Well, marble can:

  • Stain
  • Etch when acidic things (like lemons, red wine) are on it
  • Can chip and scratch

Remember, that some marbles are more susceptible than others to the cons mentioned above.


Some marbles are denser than others.

How am I supposed to know if the marble I LOVE is the kind that get damaged easily?

Ask for a piece of the actual stone and pour some wine on it. Drop a pan on it. Cut lemons on it. You get the picture. Try to damage it BEFORE you buy it.

But, why do I keep using it?

After installation, I get the countertop sealed. Not, just sealed, but I specifically ask for Dry-Treat because it seals and impregnates stone. (OK, gross. Not that impregnates! Look at the #2 definition (thank you Google!)

3rd person present: impregnates
  1. make (a woman or female animal) pregnant.
  2. soak or saturate (something) with a substance.
    “wood that had been impregnated with preservative”

So, before giving up on marble, get a piece of the marble you LOVE, and put some Dry-Treat on it. Do your spilling and THEN, make a decision.

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Bathroom- Design by Kathleen DiPaolo

If you love marble, please give it a shout-out in the comments section and if you would like a Return on Interiors Pros and Cons of Marble Quick Reference Guide click: HERE!

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