Mid-Year Business Goal Review

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Mid-Year Business Goal Review

Guess what? Almost half of the year is gone! YIKES!

So, what actions do we take, so that we crush the last half of the year?

The first thing I do, is review my yearly goals.

I have been tweaking and adjusting along the way, but now it is time to do some major adjustments. The only way to do this is to SCHEDULE time by putting it in your calendar and treating this time like a business meeting because it deserves your focus!!

You are the CEO of your design business, so ORGANIZE your business in order to accomplish your goals!

being organized is being in control

So, what should you review?

I have 5 topics that I review in order to assess my business.


1. Give yourself a high-five!

I am really bad about this, so I do this first. I know I should be joyous when I accomplish something, but I think, “Oh, OK. Now what should I do about…?”

To properly acknowledge your accomplishments, list them on a notepad or my Free Goal Template. Read the list and then write “AWESOME!” on top of the page. Now rip off that piece of paper (or print it!) and post it in a place where you will see the list and be encouraged by it!

2. Project Management

How did I do managing the design projects I have completed so far? Did I multi-task too much? If so, I see where I broke down. If I did something right, I note that, too. The key to each design project is focusing on what needs to be done and do it- NOT jump from one client to the next and not accomplish anything!

A TIP: Focus on the important things when you are most productive. I am a morning person, so I work on the hard things first, to get them out of the way:)

3. Mistakes

Have I made any mistakes this year? Be HONEST! It is great to make mistakes (although at the time it seems terrible!) These mistakes help you LEARN. Which leads me to the next review subject…

4. Learning and Education

I am a constant learner! Write down what you have  learned so far this year? Again, I use that trusty pad of paper (or the Free Goal Template.) Don’t think, just write. No one is watching.

5. Relationships

Some people are great at maintaining relationships. I am not one of those. I need to remember to keep in contact with old clients, with vendors I haven’t used in a while and my work room. If I haven’t reached out to people, I will put a note in my calendar to do so.

How to Finish off the Year

Return on Interiors®Now for implementation time!

1. Work Goals

Narrow your year end goals and be sure to use the Good, Better, Best Method! As a reminder, Good, which will be totally do-able and Better, which is probably do-able and Best– a huge reach- the kind that you would throw a party around. See how this makes a difference?

These goals should be work related and do-able in six months. Be sure to calendar the steps you will need to take to accomplish these goals. Do you have someone who can hold you accountable? If not, consider reaching out to a friend and asking them to be your accountability partner.

2. Relationships

I can’t emphasize how important maintaining relationships are! Most of my clients are repeat clients and my vendors are my tried and true vendors. So, focus on dedicating some more time with them! It will set you up for next year, so you will be top of mind with your clients when they need you:)

3. Learning and Knowledge

Find ways to implement what you have learned this year. Remember to look back at your mistakes and implement ways that help you avoid making them in the future. What learning helps you with your earning? Do you need extra learning in any area to help you achieve your goals? If so, calendar your learning.

When Do I Review?

Make sure you do the review THIS WEEK! Schedule it right away!

Go through all of the questions above and write down your answers.

Then, TAKE ACTION! Results do not come, unless action is taken!

Return on Interiors®

So, go ahead and DO IT! SWOOSH (remember that Nike logo?!)

I’ve made it really easy for you. Download the Goal Template here and all you have to do is- FILL IT IN! You will be sure to bring it in the second half of 2016 if you just implement your list!!

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Click Here to Download the Mid-Year Business Goal Review Template