New Perspective to Gain Insight

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New Perspective to Gain Insight

Have you ever ordered the wrong size table for a client? Or have a vendor deliver a damaged night stand? Yes, the one that you had been waiting a LONG time for? Or had the contractor install the countertop with the wrong sink?

It just makes you want to cry! OK, and sometimes I want to quit:) [Read my blog post Don’t Quit! if you feel this way!]

I know, it is not productive, but those emotions just come! Sometimes you can take a deep breath and move on, but other times, you just need to get a new perspective in order to make sense of the situation!

I talked about the importance of perseverance in the Don’t Quit! blog post, but what steps can you take this very minute to gain insight to your frustration?

1. Assess the situation

Take a moment to figure out what the real problem is. When the rough plumbing valves didn’t show up last Friday, I was a bit peeved [read: I was losing it!]  I worried the workers wouldn’t have enough to do that day. After desperately trying to get the valves delivered that day, to no avail, I simply asked what else the workers could  accomplish without the valves?

Yes, they could do more! Thank goodness. My nightmare ended. Sometimes, you aren’t mad at the things you think you are mad about, so be sure to ask yourself:

  • Are you tired? [Ummmm…ya!]
  • Have you had a couple of annoying things happen in a row?
  • Did someone say something hurtful?

You know that list can go on, so if you take a few minutes and write issues down, you often feel relieved. Yep, by simply writing it down. Now you know what the issues are and you can deal with them!

2. Remember, it has happened before

We always get frustrated at some point with work. You probably felt that way at some point last week! But, guess what? You got through it. It ended up working out.

On my jobs, when that fabric I have been waiting on just can’t make it in time, I KNOW that another one, a better one, will be selected. Really! I have trained my mind so that when I have the situation happen, I get excited to find the REAL right one!

3. Take a deep breath

Breath! Yes, it does work. You breathe and think, “do I just make a call now and deal with it, or do I write out some options that seem manageable?” Sometimes, this pause helps focus you.

4. Talk it out

My sister doesn’t like to talk things out with people. I am the opposite. When I talk to the person with whom I have an issue, then we can figure out a solution. Sometimes, two heads are better than one! Remember:

  • Don’t make it personal. Stick to the action that caused the problem.
  • Don’t be combative. If you are ready to fight, you won’t get far. The person probably isn’t even aware of the issue- or if they are, they can help you think of the solution.
  • Listen. Regarding the situation with the rough plumbing valves, we simply decided to get a different inspection and fill in the floor with cement. I would never have thought of that alone!

Following these steps will help you get a new perspective and insight. Remember, that the frustration comes and goes, but if you want to do something RIGHT now [or in the future!] download this PDF. It will help you work through the anger and give you a new perspective!

Gaining Insight Worksheet_Page_1

Click Here to Download Your Gaining Insight Worksheet

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