Niching Your Design Business

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Niching Your Design Business

REALLY?! Do I give a hoot? Can’t I just love everything?

We designers really like a LOT of the same things! We post similar Instagram photos, or Pin the same things on Pinterest. So what is the big deal?

One of my favorite baths❤️ #kddesigns #cementtiles #bath #turkishtowel #roidesigners

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Well, you need to differentiate yourself when trying to attract your clients, and I am not just talking about the pretty things we put in our designs, although that is often the first thing that appeals to potential clients when they look at our portfolio on line.

I am talking about how to stand out from the other designers. Let me tell you, I had figured out what makes me unique and the next year, guess what? It wasn’t so unique anymore. We need to constantly refine and define ourselves and our business.

So what is MY design business unique selling proposition (USP), or niche?

Kathleen DiPaolo Designs:

I create interior and exterior spaces that are innovative property solutions – delivering both luxe living and added value to my clients’ homes.

Yes, I am an interior designer, but I also have an MBA, a Real Estate Broker’s license, own/manage several apartments and have flipped hundreds of houses. I design in order to create value in my clients’ homes!  Oh, and make them beautiful and luxurious at the same time. Wink!

Have you defined and refined your business lately?

How do you do that? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do I describe myself to a potential client that would grab their attention?
  2. If you can describe that unique selling proposition, do you ONLY take jobs that help you further define your mission? Or, do you take every job that comes your way?
  3. If you have a niche business, is that niche still a good one? Is it unique enough?
  4. Is there something I could do better in order to make my niche stronger? In order to design better?
  5. Do you need any special education to get you to an even better niche?
  6. Can I set myself apart with my client experience? Do I do what I say I am going to do?
  7. What is holding me back from being the best in my niche?

I know that answering these questions WILL help your Interior Design Business!! Click here to download a Question and Answer sheet that will help you organize your thoughts so you can put them into ACTION!

Click Here to Download the Guide to Niching Your Design Business