Organization Does Not Stifle Creativity, I Promise

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Ensuring the business of your interior design business is organized helps you focus your energy on the creative aspects of your job. When you have systems and resources in place it really helps ignite your creativity.

Now, before you say, “Kathleen, organization stifles my creativity,” hear me out.

There’s a happy middle ground you must achieve in your interior design business. I would agree with you that if you don’t have any opportunity to think outside the box or infuse your business with new ideas and ways of looking at projects, you might get stale and your creativity might languish.

BUT, that doesn’t mean that absolutely no structure is the better alternative. Don’t let the pendulum swing so far to the other side. It’s not hyper organization on the one side and total chaos on the other. That’s just crazy!

What separates those who profess they are creatives from those who actually create something of value comes down to the ability to focus. Organization is one of the best ways I know how to shore up your focus to let your creativity flourish.

Is that little voice in your head saying, “Ok, Kathleen, I DO see why it might help to GET organized, but I’m not one of THOSE people.”

Believe me. I understand because I am one of THOSE people. I just LOVE to develop systems and processes to make my interior design business run as smoothly as possible. And, what I found is how much I love to share with my fellow interior design professionals to help them do the same.

So, if you set aside the need to actually develop any of these systems because I have already done it and just focus on learning them, I believe ANYONE can get organized. Organization is just a skill. And a skill that you can learn.

When you are organized, your brain isn’t overcome by the what and where and what’s next so it can be in a better position for creative inspiration. And, just like when you are faced with a curveball—a shipment is delayed, a vital piece of furniture is on backorder—when there are parameters to face, it can sometimes result in a much more creative outcome than if you didn’t have the boundaries.

Rather than stifle creativity, a framework helps nurture it.

And, nope. It’s not fix it and forget it. Moving forward, you do need to put forth effort to stay organized as new projects and new partners and clients are added. Not to mention, you will want to alter the way you organize based on the latest and greatest ideas out there.

Aside from my Return on Interiors system which is a great way to help you and your clients stay organized, here are tips to help you with your organization and still feel like you are able to embrace your inner creative genius:

  • Plan creative blocks into your schedule
    So, one way I like to commit to my creative time is to ensure I have blocks built into my schedule where I can play with my creativity. As we all know, creativity can’t be forced, but if we have blocks of time allocated to it, we are more apt to hold this time sacred. And, I focus on a block of creative time, rather than specific tasks. This relatively laissez-faire approach offers me the freedom to go where my creativity takes me but provides the structure to maintain my focus.
  • Adopt what’s best for you
    There are many ideas out there regarding organization, but you will need to adopt the specific organization tactics that feel the best for you. You need a system that works for you or you won’t end up using it. If you try to force a system the result will be your organization will be no better than it is today, because you won’t use a system that doesn’t feel good or work for your business. It’s also OK and expected that you enhance organization tips so that they work for you and for the particular needs of your business. We are all more alike than we are different, but you want to do what’s best for you and set yourself up for success.
  • You don’t have to be creative with organization
    Getting your interior design business more organized is not something that requires re-creating the wheel. Although it might take a bit of time for you to find a system that works for you and to learn it and commit to it, chances are there are lots of tools and techniques already being used by others that you can just learn.
  • Use tech where you can
    Tools such as Asana and Trello can help do some of the heavy lifting for organizing tasks and projects to free you up to focus on what you do best.

Rather than resist organization because you believe it will stifle your creativity, how about you take organization on a test drive and see how much more creative you will be?
Please report back to me the results of your experiment to organize.

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