Post-Installation Punch List

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Post-Installation Punch List

Wouldn’t it be great if you were actually finished when you complete your install?! Unfortunately, it is NEVER over after installation!

As the designer, you are also a certified “Flaw Finder.” Even when the trades don’t work for you, YOU are the quality control person on behalf of your clients.
Return on Interiors®You don’t want your client to walk in to the reveal and focus on the terrible paint job, or bad craftsmanship by the carpenter. You want your clients to notice the fabulous new space!!

After a remodel or new build, it is especially hard to make sure everyone gets the job done. I always work with the contractor and point out issues I see- often with the help of my trusty blue painters tape! Love that stuff:) Also, note I said “work with,” not “yell at!”

Remodeled Dining Room

I have compiled a Punch List that I adapt to each job. The list is essential to preemptively avoid an awful reveal. I have put the suggested trades down, including designer, to help remind me of the particular items that need to be followed up on.

Then, post-reveal, I walk through the space with my clients and add on to the punch list!

I sincerely believe, completing a design punch list is one of the most critical parts of an interior designer’s job! It is so distressing to see clients who were once so excited, go to the “dark side!” A non-finished item will stay in the client’s mind a LOT longer than the beauty.

So, to help you both avoid a painful install and organize your follow through, please download the free Checklist HERE!


Click Here to Download the Renovation Punch List!

We want our clients to look like this after an install:

Return on Interiors®

Happy Client!

Cheers, to many happy clients!



PS. Don’t forget to grab your free Checklist HERE!