Prioritize Your To-Do List

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Prioritize Your To-Do List

We all have to-do lists. We write stuff done and then, BOOM! We are overwhelmed. We don’t know where to start, so we either do nothing or we take the easiest thing and get it done. Then, we look back at our list and become overwhelmed again.

AHHHHHH! (Yep, I am screaming out loud!)

When I stay up late thinking about everything I need to do, what DO I do?

You know me…I like to have a system for everything! There are a LOT of systems out there devised by Franklin Covey, to Leo Babauta’s MITs, but I have one that comes from listening to a lot of my guru’s podcasts. (Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Marie Forleo, etc.)

There are 3 steps I take:

  1. Write down everything you think you “HAVE” to do.
  2. Determine if everything on the list REALLY what we have to do!
  3. Put the actionable items in your calendar- NOW!

1. Brain Dump

Start with a total brain dump. Give yourself 10 minutes. Yep, you will have a list by then. Anything you have forgotten isn’t that important for now. Now, if have added personal items in this list- give yourself a high five! If not, it is time to add them to your list.

2. Your List

It is time to be RUTHLESS!! Do You Really HAVE to Do It All?

Seriously, look at your list. Do you HAVE to drive to your clients house this very minute to drop off that accessory? Can you send someone else- or do it tomorrow?

Are these items actionable?

Don’t put “create a new website” on your list. That would be about 75 actionable items to put onto your list! If you really do want to create a new website, then you will have to break down that “outcome” into 75 manageable tasks. OK, maybe not 75, but I am close!

think-simpleTHINK SIMPLE!

Make a column to the left of your list and put a letter by each item. Here are your options:

[C] Calendar it
[D] Delegate it
[S] Stop doing it

There is no maybe column. There is no pondering column. There are just 3 choices.

If you have an idea that you can’t let go of, create a new document that is for future ideas. I keep one in my Notes on my phone and type it in as soon as I think about it so it is not floating around on a sticky note somewhere.

3. Put Actionable Items in Your Calendar

Before you put the actionable items in your calendar…

What Time of Day Do you Have the Most Energy?

I am a morning person. Maybe it’s my coffee, but I wake up ready to rock. If you are a morning person, calendar your to-dos in the morning. If you are a night person, calendar your to-dos in the night!

Simplify your calendar and you simplify your life!

When Do I Create This List?

time-is-nowI have created a download for you, so you can DO THIS NOW!!! Really, do it now because with each day, from now until New Years, you will become more overwhelmed.

Click Here to Download the Prioritize Your To Do List

Once you do this exercise, take a breath and feel the good mojo. You probably have some good momentum going, so go with it!!


Click Here to Download the Prioritize Your To Do List

Good LUCK!!!