It’s OK to Take a Rest!

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It’s OK to Take a Rest!

It is the LAST week of the year and isn’t it amazing how much your life has slowed down?


Mine hasn’t either! BUT, as of today, I am jumping off the “doing stuff” train! You need to jump off that train, too:) It doesn’t have to be this week, but we ALL need to take a rest.

And guess what? It’s OK to take a rest!

I am a wee bit insane. [You: That’s not a new thought, Kathleen!]

When I rest, I always think that someone is spying on me and KNOWS that I am not “doing” anything. So, I feel guilty and jump up and start doing something-anything really-to keep myself busy.

I grew up being told that resting was wasting my life away, but life experience has taught me that I must use rest to be better at my life!


Rest gives my mind and body time to rejuvenate. Usually, I am like the Tasmanian Devil during the day and then by 6pm, I am wolfing down food so I can put my jammies on and leap into my bed.

I know, not a glamorous life detail I like to admit, but, well, there is nothing like being in my bed, propped up by pillows at the end of the day-and then going to sleep. It refuels my brain and body.


Sleep is the best way for me to refuel. I literally try to get 8+ hours. Try it! When I wake up and drink my coffee, I am on fire!


I also take breaks during the day, after working straight for 2-3 hours. Usually, I walk the dogs. It gets me outside and I focus on different things than the computer. Then, when I return to the computer, I feel brain-fresh!


I now work out of my home, which is a huge transition for me! I don’t have a place to get up and go to- as well as a place to “leave” my work. So, I have spent the last several months testing different routines, so that I am not working “at home.”

As of now, I work on a designated desk, in a designated room. Various sofas, the dining table and my daughter’s school library, didn’t do it for me! I need a way to say, goodbye work, I am now at home. Walking away from my designated desk changes my mindset. I become present at “home” that way.


So try some of these ways, to refuel. I promise, you will be more focused, more present and you will accomplish more! You may have already moved way past me and do daily yoga and/or meditate. But for me, I am starting with baby steps;-)

If you are where I am, try these ways…

  1. Don’t buy into your preconceived notion that rest is for the wicked…You need rest to focus!
  2. Sleep 8+ hours/day. I don’t have little kids any more, so why not?!
  3. Take breaks from work every 2-3 hours. I am going to try and take more/shorter breaks, but try a walk- or move to another room.
  4. Designate a “work” space and a “home” space. I have had to try a few to get the right balance. Even when I worked in my away-from-home office, I had to mentally take a break. So test out a few ways.

I wish you the BEST of New Years!! I am so grateful that you have been with me for the 2016 ROI journey! Next year, some big things are happening, so I can’t wait to share them with you!!

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See you next year!!






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