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I love getting organized. It is the setting goals that makes me anxious! I have never liked goals- or resolutions- because I think they set me up for failure. If I don’t do exactly what I write, I’m a loser. Well, not this time! This year I am going to work a bit differently.

organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up..

I am going to set up my goals as good- better-best goals. Instead of big lofty statements like- “I’m going to make $10 million dollars in 2016,” I will have more specific goals like the pretend goals below:

Good: I want to make $500 by selling 2 consulting packages at $250 each

Better: I want to make $10,000 by selling 10 consulting packages at $1,000 each

Best: I was to make $50,000 by selling 25 consulting packages at $2,000 each

This way, I can work backwards to get a plan in place to sell those consulting packages- especially ones that can be beefed up so their value is $2,000 vs. $250. Does that make sense?

I feel so much better since I figured that out! The way I will write my goals will be in this format: Good, which will be totally do-able and Better, which is probably do-able and Best– a huge reach- the kind that I would throw a party around. See how this makes a difference? I won’t be a loser if I don’t accomplish the best goal because I have the good and better to back me up. I am so excited to make and tackle my 2016 goals. This hint was shared by Todd Herman and I love it!!

More important than the goals, is getting organized so I can attack my new goals.

Return on Interiors™

In fact, it is my obsession with organization that was the impetus for the creation of Return on Interiors™! I am always trying to make my behind-the-scenes processes easier and more organized, so I can be ready for anything. But, I realized, I didn’t just want simpler processes to attack my remodeling and design jobs, I wanted all my clients to know I was professional and had everything branded for consistency in our interactions. Thus, Return on Interiors, a unified, organized system to tackle my design projects! Yahoo!

When thinking about 2016, I was determined to help people visualize themselves being organized and ready to tackle their own design and remodel projects. So, I created a Return on Interiors system sampler. The system sampler contains five parts of the system:

  1. Bedroom-An organizer so you could see how every organizer is formatted
  2. Bar Seating- visual quick reference guide that can act as a field guide when on the job site. No more guessing final bar heights!
  3. Kitchen Layouts- A visual guide with some options to maximize flow in your kitchen.
  4. Bathroom Lighting-Educational guide to enhance bathroom lighting.
  5. TV Sizes, dimensions and optimal viewing distance- to help you in every room you have a TV

I decided to change my new website so that you can download a system sampler and really understand how the Return on Interiors works. I love helping people and setting them up for success, so I plan on continuing my weekly blog post with downloadable “cheat” sheets and quick reference guides. For this week, I will give you my new System Sampler! Just click here and you will be added to the weekly blog for more tips and inspiration.

Return on Interiors™

Click Here to Get Your How to Avoid Remodel Mistakes Guide!

If you have any requests for tips- please request them in the comment section! I have so much content that I will share what I have!

I am so excited to tackle next year and I hope you are too! GOOOOOO 2016!




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