Discipline Creates Freedom

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It is DAY #3 of 2017 and a word keeps bouncing around in my mind. The word is…


The word is not a favorite word…It conjures up other words like- confine, restrict, constrict.

You get the image.

Think jail cell.


I have always been someone who likes to do things a little bit differently. So, I focused on how I could see discipline differently. What does discipline give me? Discipline gives me the freedom to do what I want with my time, my job and my goals.

If you don’t choose your next steps, they are chosen for you!

Let me tell you, having someone else choose my next steps is WAY more restricting than being disciplined! 

I’ve shared that it was hard to get into a routine when I moved to India. Well, not finding a routine is another way to say I was undisciplined. I felt like my thoughts were little popcorn kernels, popping around in my brain.

I would be unfocused and then, “POP!” I would have flashes of clarity. Being unfocused makes me feel out-of-control.

This year, I have been planning. A lot!

Planning organizes me and allows me to work with more intention, step-by-step. As long as I take steps TOWARDS something, I am moving in the right direction!

So, I challenge you to become disciplined yourself with regards to your design business, by planning your days with intention!

Try this little challenge.

  • Use a Daily Planner for a week. I have one you can download here.
  • After a week, see what you spent your time doing. I mean, really doing! That includes Netflix, Facebook, Pinterest. You get it:)
  • Don’t forget to put in post-work hours. I know, brutal! Ha!

Did you fill your days with intentional items? Does seeing it in black and white make you want to spend your time differently?

Let me know how the challenge went!! Don’t forget to download this Daily Planner. It is really easy to use!

Click Here to Download my Daily Planner