Travel: Inspiration for Your Designs

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Travel: Inspiration for Your Designs

It is that time of year…SUMMER! Summer is filled with time- time to travel and get design inspiration and time to reboot.  In fact, I wrote about Travel Inspiration in a blog post last year at this same time!

Well, this year, my travel is my MOVE to INDIA! I actually leave tomorrow…AND, I haven’t packed. I know that sounds totally insane, and it kind of is! Work and getting family squared away, have been my focus. So much so, that I haven’t thought about the move.

Dog Staring at my Bag

Dog Staring at my Bag

Yep. I am not kidding. Do you see this picture? I am typing on my computer, in bed, with my dog at my feet- and we are both staring at my suitcase. I just can’t do it. Do you ever need a TON of pressure to get it done! Pressure just fires me up. It is like coffee:)

I don’t know about you, but when I try to get SO MUCH done, I don’t get those moments of inspiration that I need to design! My brain just doesn’t have the space to wander and think creatively.

For me, I am tapped out right now. I am not inspired! The good thing is, that I will be very soon!

So, if you are getting low on inspiration reserves, don’t stare at Pinterest, just GO! Go on a trip and forget about home and work. No, really!




Your clients will thank you and love you for adding a unique perspective to their space…And, more importantly, you will feel so much more rested and excited to attack your projects.


Pet cobras…

Take pictures of tigers…


And get INSPIRED!!

Safe summer travels!

Here are a few ways that I have been able to incorporate travel in my designs. You can download it here!


Five Easy Ways to Infuse Travel into Your Home