Managing Website Updates

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Managing Website Updates

I just spent hours trying to update images on my Kathleen DiPaolo Designs website. I admit, I have been so focused on Return on Interiors, that I haven’t even looked at my site in ohhhh, about a year! AND, I did say trying, because I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do.

Yep…This is how I looked!

I am kind of embarrassed to admit…I don’t know much about website design, but I know enough to be really dangerous. I mess things up ALL the time, thinking I am a techie or a web designer because I know a little about WordPress! I do these things because I am impatient and can’t wait for any help.

Did I mention that is bad?!

You know what happens…You finally launch your website (which I equate to birthing a child!), and you are over it! You don’t want to look at that thing ever again. The entire process sucks you dry.

Guess what?

Your website is your BEST friend when it comes to business! It is probably one of the first touch points clients take before hiring you! Every client has searched your website.

So, as a designer, where images are everything, you must put your best foot forward and keep your images current. By the way, I am literally horrified at some pictures that were on my website. I can’t believe people wanted to hire me. Haha!

So, I have added reminders in my calendar and I think you should too. AND, I have created a system so I stay on top of it.  I want to look like this woman when I am working on my website. Doesn’t she look pumped?!

If you want to look like her, download this. Haha! OK, no guarantees you will look exactly like her, but you may feel that happy!


Click Here to Download Your Guide to Managing Website Updates



PS. Download this baby to make your life easier! x


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