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Do you want to simplify your client and trade communication?

Do you realize that sometimes nothing is as clear as a visual?

Keep the simplest form of communication at your fingertips!  

Quick Reference Guides are the quickest, most efficient and most accurate way to communicate your design options. 

Some guides are educational, others a visual guide and some a way to understand details for installation. 

You get the benefits of professional advice – in a professional format – on all of your design projects without having to spend the time and effort looking up the documents or information on the jobsites! 

Whatever your project, there’s a Quick Reference Guide that will make it faster, easier, and help you avoid costly miscalculations and mistakes:




Living Room 

Laundry Room 

Dining/Breakfast Room 



Art/Window Treatments 

General for All Jobs 

What You'll Get 

With ANY design projects, details are often lost in translation. You think you are communicating the steps perfectly to your trades or clients, but the end results are wrong!  

To help avoid costly mistakes, these nearly 100 pages of downloadable PDFs include all the details and information in a format you can read, print out and use for any design and remodeling projects. 

What’s on Your Project List? 

The Quick Start Guides are arranged by area so that you can easily find the information you’re looking for. Read through an entire section to get an overview, or jump to the specific guide you need during a project.  

General Project Guides 

Arranging Art 

Arranging Sofa Pillows 

Arranging Bed Pillows 

Bar Seating and Table Height 

Bed Sizes and Dimensions 


Cabinet Door Styles 

Cement Tile 

Countertop Options 

Closet Heights 

Dining Table Seating Guide 

Game Table Dimensions and Seating 

Glass Tile Pros and Cons 

Glossary of Stone and Tile Terms

Knobs, Pulls, Glides and Hinges 

Lighting Options 

Measuring Tips 

Pool Room Guide 

Selecting an Area Rug 

Selecting Cabinetry 

Selecting the Best Paint Finish 

Slab Edge Details 

Tile Patterns 

TV Sizes, Dimensions and Viewing Distance 

Upholstery Arms 

Wine Bottle Guide 

Bathroom Specific Guides 

40 Steaming Benefits 

Cleaning and Maintaining Glass Shower Doors 

Freestanding vs. Built in Tub Pros and Cons 

Selecting a Toilet 

Selecting Bathroom Faucets

Selecting Bathroom Lighting

 √ Selecting Bathroom Sinks 

  Selecting Glass Shower Doors

  Selecting Shower Drains

  Small Bathroom Tips

  Transform a Bedroom with Lighting 

Kitchen Specific Guides 

Window Treatment Guides  

Kitchen and Bar Sink Profiles

Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen Lighting 

Selecting Kitchen Faucets

Selecting Kitchen Ovens and Ranges

Selecting Kitchen Sinks 

Storage Checklist 

Drapery Styles

Roman Shade Styles

Valance and Cornice Styles 

Streamline your design projects and don’t spend money covering up those miscommunications!

How do I know this works? 

Because I developed the ROI system and use it myself!

I’m Kathleen DiPaolo, and I have successfully flipped hundreds of houses. I am an interior designer, a licensed California Realtor — and I also have my MBA. In other words, I am your BEST friend in any design project, new build or renovation. Believe me, I have made all the mistakes, and to avoid repeating them, I developed the Return on Interiors Quick Reference Guides for myself — and now I’m offering them to you.

My design work has been featured in: 

Quick Reference Guides are broken up into categories to help you find the best one for each project. 




Living Room 

Laundry Room 

Dining/Breakfast Room 



Art/Window Treatments 

General for All Jobs 

There is information you can find on google, but the Quick Reference Guides are the only resource that distill the expertise and advice of a professional into an easy-to-use resource that leaves no detail out.

I’ve used the Quick Reference Guides to explain my vision to couples when they each have a different vision than each other — so that nothing gets lost in translation. 

  I am a house flipper, a real estate agent, rental property owner and interior designer and I KNOW they work because I created them for me! 

I TOTALLY get that each mistake costs time, money and heartache. The Quick Reference Guides help you avoid making mistakes!

Remember- ONE mistake can cost thousands of $ and takes a ton of time a trades to sort it out! 

I’m a huge fan of Kathleen’s ROI System!  

As a designer, I use the ROI System to educate my clients about their design options and ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of their project.  

I use the quick reference guides to make sure I’ve considered all options when creating my designs. In short, I’m grateful that Kathleen invested the time to create this System for us, and I know it will guide both designers and homeowners to get the best return on their interior designs.  


Examples of Quick Reference Guides

Having trouble communicating stone and tile terms to your client? Do the details get lost when communicated by the contractor to the stone fabricator? Use the Glossary of Stone and Tile Terms to make it easy!

Want to be sure the TV is hung in the correct spot? Do you have the correct height and size TV for your viewing location? Use the TV Sizes, Dimensions and Viewing Distance Guide!

Trying to decide what tile pattern to use? Afraid it won’t look like you want it to? Use the 14- page Tile Patterns Guide to pull your kitchen together! It is so easy to copy and paste the patterns to show your clients- without having to go through the hassle of CAD drawings.

Imagine nearly 100 project-specific guides — many with multiple pages — that will help you clarify your vision and bring it to live! 

No MISTAKES = No over-budget expenses! 

 Soooo, grab your Quick Reference Guides now and you will get the PDFs sent to you immediately! 

Streamline your design projects NOW!!