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Last week we talked about big mistakes that can happen in a bathroom remodel project. This week we’re moving into the kitchen for a look at expensive errors you want to avoid as a designer. Obviously budgeting errors can happen in this room, just like in a bath renovation. But I have tips for 3 more mistakes you want to avoid in a kitchen remodel!

1. Not Knowing How Your Clients Cook

Huh?! I know, it sounds like a weird one, but hear me out. If you haven’t discovered how your clients will USE the kitchen, then how do you really know what they NEED in the kitchen? If your client loves takeout and reheating, they won’t be impressed that you want to spend a huge chunk of the budget on that dual-fuel range with all the bells and whistles. It isn’t important to them. A client who entertains a lot may want a wine refrigerator, a French-door refrigerator that can handle large trays of food, or maybe even two dishwashers. And a client who loves to bake and has kids would love to have a steam oven and a place for her kids to do homework while she’s preparing dinner. See what I mean? You have to get at the heart of how they’re going to use the kitchen before you start planning and spending that precious budget.

2. Not Having a Comprehensive Electrical Plan

This one can make or break a fabulous kitchen, even a gorgeous one. Because there’s nothing more irritating than not having a plug where you need one, or not having a task light overhead when you’re preparing a dish. So think through all possibilities – where do you need a fan? Do you want to hide the outlets so your backsplash is the star of the show? Does the client want a TV in the kitchen, or a wired sound system? Do they need USB plugs? And how will you layer the light so every task and need is covered? This is serious stuff that will make the kitchen function fabulously for the homeowners!

3. Not Planning Enough (Clever) Storage

This goes back to how your clients will use the kitchen, too. If you have a client who is obsessed with trying new recipes, then you want to provide unique storage for spices, exotic oils, and specialty salts. A client who bakes will want great storage for all those cake pans, flat pans, and cupcake tins. And what about all that Tupperware? Find a great storage solution for lids, small appliances, knives, and more. But also plan for where the trash cans will go, cool storage for apples and onions, or toe-kick storage to take advantage of every inch of space!

A client who has a gorgeous AND high-functioning kitchen that meets her every need is going to be a very happy client who would love to recommend you, right?! And I have just the thing to help you – download the Typical Kitchen Remodel Schedule-FREE! They’ll help you and your client to start planning!

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