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Mistakes happen, but I hate it when they happen in a design project! Not only do mistakes cost money, but they also take years off your life! Do you know how old I am now?! Ha.

Two rooms in a house where errors can occur most often during a renovation are the bathroom and the kitchen. Next week we’ll look at the pitfalls in a kitchen redo, but this week I’m going to tell you how to avoid 3 big mistakes in a bathroom remodel. Hopefully these will save you – and your client – a lot of time and money!

1. Not Being Honest (Upfront)

New bathrooms are more expensive than clients want to believe, especially if you are remodeling. You never know what you’re going to find until you’re right in the middle of construction (like a leaking pipe in the wall or an electrical issue). The first thing I say BEFORE we start a remodel project is that budget and timelines are affected by the unknown. If an expensive issue is uncovered as the remodel is underway, let them know as soon as possible and give them options for how you will handle it. Remember this tip next week when we’re talking about kitchens, too!

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2. Not Remembering the Little Things

Bathrooms have to function for the way people live! Something as simple as where the toilet paper roll is placed can either drive them crazy, or be something they don’t even think about (you want it to be the second choice). So remember to plan for a great fan to keep the room from being too damp, storage for hair tools like dryers or straighteners, maybe a towel warmer, or even a place to line up their thousands of nail polish colors. One thing I always keep in mind is exactly where the lighting will be placed. A light directly overhead is not really flattering and can create awkward shadows. That won’t make your client happy first thing in the morning, right?

3. Selecting the Wrong Colors

Of course you want to choose colors that your clients love! But you also want to think about how that color will look against the tile, the floor, and the cabinetry. Some designers don’t think about the fact that marble and tile have a color, even if it’s “white” it can be a blue-white, pink-white, yellow-white, peach-white, etc., etc. The undertones can clash with the floor tile, the wall color, and the color of fixed pieces like the tub. Be absolutely sure that you compare that tile or marble to your paint color in a variety of light settings. Custom tile also causes issues. The beauty of custom hand made tile is the natural variances of tile glazing. So be sure to get several samples before you put all of the design elements on the table together so you can compare exact colors with each other. That one thing can throw off an otherwise perfect design!

I’m going to make one thing SO much easier for you! Just download my ROI Design Budget Worksheet to help keep that honest dialog about budget going with your clients! Good luck!


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