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Have you ever felt like your clients are keeping state secrets from you? You know the feeling – you’re meeting with them and it’s almost impossible to get more than a yes or no answer! Or they contradict themselves with what they do or don’t like. “Maybe blue, but not THAT blue!” It can make you crazy! So how do you get to the heart of what your clients really want from you? I’ve got 3 great tips to help!

Use the Rule of Three

Have you ever heard the old adage that you should ask the same question in three different ways? Psychologists suggest this to anyone trying to really get to the truth. You’ll see it on all sorts of forms and tests. So try it out on your clients. You could say: Do you like the color blue? Then later ask: How do you feel about pale blue tones? And still later ask: Do you like Sky Blue?

Make It About Someone Else

Sometimes a person will tell you what a partner or family member might think instead of what THEY really think. They may not want to hurt your feelings, or they may just be shy about stating a strong opinion. So ask your client what someone else might say about what you’re proposing. It may get you the answer you’ve been looking for!

Play 20 Questions – or MORE

I have an in-depth client questionnaire that never fails! I use it all the time in my business – and it’s part of my Return on Interiors system. It asks a lot of questions about how the client lives in the home, what his or her preferences are, and what they need in their interiors. People really do love to be asked about themselves and what they need – they sometimes just need the right questions to spark their honest answers.

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