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If you’ve followed me or read my blog in the past, you know how much I LOVE my digital tools! Some of my longtime loves are Asana, Dropbox, and Google Docs. But there are some new tools and apps out there that are definitely catching my eye and making my life easier – let’s take a look!

1. Zapier

Okay, speaking of productivity, this digital tool takes all of your favorite apps and platforms and makes them work together. Yes, I said TOGETHER! Zapier can take an email you receive in Gmail and save the attachment to Dropbox automatically and then alert you via Slack. Or any other combo you decide on! The combos are called, “zaps.” This app works with over 1,000 other tools so you can build a customized workflow to cut down on what you have to do. We use it ALL the time:)

2. Streak

This one is more new-to-me than brand new, but I read about it on a productivity blog and now I’m HOOKED. Streak is centered around the idea that if you make something part of your day, and stick to it, then you’ll make it a habit. You can choose things involved with productivity, health, or anything else you choose. Streak wants you to set a goal for how often you need to meet with your bookkeeper, for instance. And it will remind you when you aren’t keeping up with your task. Soon, things you didn’t want to do will be tasks you do without even thinking about it!

3. Calendar

You may think that your Google or Apple calendar works well for you, but wait until you try Calendar! This digital tool let’s you block your time for tasks (so critical), allow others to see when you’re available for meetings or calls, and add team members’ calendars to your own. But the VERY best part?! It also tracks your productivity and uses artificial intelligence to learn your working style. Then it shows you HOW you can be more productive! Love this one!

4. Zoom

If you’re on the go all the time like I am, having a great way to video conference no matter where you are is key! Zoom is a great digital app that hosts online meetings for ALL platforms from laptops and phones, to iPads and tablets. It has great high-def video and fab sound quality. It makes it really easy to meet with your contractor when you’re at the tile shop, or talk to your client while you’re at a design center. It’s one I have been using for a while, but there are new, great improvements!

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