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It’s sooooooo hard to own your own business. It’s even harder when it’s just a one- or two-person operation. You can spend a lot of time worrying about how you’re going to keep the doors open, how to find the next great client, and how to actually get everything done! Fear and worry can hold you back. But I have great tips to conquer the four most common business fears – so let’s get you back on track by looking at each one!

Fear of Failure

No one WANTS to fail in business or in life – but we need to remember that setbacks can actually teach us valuable lessons! I believe this with my whole heart! Whenever I feel this fear creeping in, I just ask myself “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” Sometimes facing the fear head-on is the best defense! Because it not only shows you that often what you fear isn’t that big of a deal, but it also helps you define a game plan in case things DO go wrong! Don’t let this fear keep you from making smart moves in your business! Run a buttoned-up business and you’ll keep the idea of failure far away. Know your financials, have good processes in place, make marketing a priority. I’ve got another idea for this one…so keep reading!

Fear of What Others Think

I can’t tell you how often designers tell me they’re worried about what other designers will think of a new idea or a way to run your business. But that’s crazy – never run your business based on what someone else might think or because it’s “always done that way.” If something works for you – even if it’s totally out-of-the-box – go for it! You may be onto something that everyone else is going to be doing in the future. You should do YOU – that’s the smartest way to be successful.

Fear That You’re an “Imposter”

I think social media is making this one worse. We’re looking at super-filtered versions of other people’s lives and businesses and thinking we’re doing something wrong. Don’t worry – it isn’t just you! Studies show that 70% of professional women think they aren’t good enough, or that someone will figure out they have no idea what they’re doing. (Yes, it’s that common!) You need to remind yourself that you DO know how to do this, that you DO have talent. Celebrate your successes, and really take compliments to heart. Stop thinking that everything is working because of luck. And remember that nothing has to be perfect. That drive for perfection is part of the problem. You ARE good at what you do – say it over and over!

Fear of Money

Did you know that people would rather talk about death, taxes, or politics before they talk about money?! Yes, it’s such a common fear that there are hundreds and hundreds of books written about it. But my favorite way to fight this fear is going to sound familiar – you have to face it! The more you know what your finances are in your business and personal accounts, the less fearful and stressed out you’ll be. Meet with your bookkeeper and accountant regularly. Put it in your calendar and make it non-negotiable! Go over P&L statements, know your cash flow, and understand budgets. It makes you even more successful to know exactly where you stand and what you need to do to keep that balance sheet in tip-top shape!

To help with that last fear, download my FREE 10 Tips to Help You Stay on Budget! And now let me tell you what REALLY helped me knock all four of those fears to the floor in my own business – it was getting my systems and procedures in place.

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