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I’m a huge fan of stunning design when it comes to chandeliers, table lamps, and pendants. From the iconic Sputnik to large antique crystal chandeliers, lighting can be the star of the show in a room. But sometimes we as designers forget about the function as we go for that “wow” moment! Here are 4 ways that lighting can really make or break your interiors!

Kathleen DiPaolo Designs

1. Staying on Task

Task lighting tends to be the unsung hero in a room – especially the kitchen! Just like it’s name suggests, this type of lighting helps you perform tasks like chopping veggies in the kitchen or reading in bed. Your clients will really notice if there isn’t enough lighting in a room or if it’s not placed exactly where they need it! That’s 10x more important if your clients are – ahem – of a certain age.

2. Setting the Mood

Ambient lighting is also important to help set a mood. Not everyone likes strong overhead lighting, even if it is from a gorgeous chandelier, so you want to have plenty of table lamps in a living room, and “quieter light” in a bedroom. I like to layer light in every room- from kitchens to bedrooms, offering a strong overhead light, task lighting, and then lamps in the bedroom and under-counter lighting in a kitchen.

3. Adjustable Settings

Dimmer switches are one of the best inventions ever for a designer who wants to deliver a lot of functionality for clients! They allow you to set the light exactly where you need it depending on what you’re doing in the room at that moment. I try to put them in almost every room. Personally, I’m not a fan of bright light in a room, but my husband loves a good blinding every day. ? See, adjustable lighting really keeps a marriage going!

Kathleen DiPaolo Designs

4. Color and Warmth

Pay close attention to the color of the bulbs – and your clients’ preferences. Some people do like a nice strong blue-light bulb for certain rooms or tasks, but most people want warmer light in their homes to create that cozy glow. Just remember to test out a few light bulbs- before ordering 4,291 new bulbs. I’ve made that mistake before!!

Keep these ideas in mind as you layer the lighting in your upcoming projects – your clients will thank you! To make it easy for you, download my FREE Kitchen Lighting Quick Reference Guide to help you make the most of light in the kitchen.



Download Kitchen Lighting Quick Reference Guide