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The best way to make your client feel comfortable with your fees and your abilities is to project confidence! But we all have moments of self-doubt, and maybe we don’t always feel as confident as we should. So here are my 5 best tips for getting yourself in the fearless zone!

1. Celebrate Successes

We are so busy everyday that we can forget the great things we’ve done, or the goals we’ve accomplished. Don’t let those slide by! Remind yourself of your achievements and celebrate them. It’s a great way to give yourself a boost when you’re letting self-doubt creep in. I know what you are thinking…UGH! But, don’t think about it, but do it. You will start looking forward to new milestones to celebrate!

2. Give Yourself a Challenge

We should all push ourselves to try new things – even (especially!) things that seem a little scary at first! When we’re able to do something that at first we didn’t think we could, it’s a huge confidence builder! Even failing at something will give you a boost, because you’ll see that failure isn’t that scary after all.

3. Shut That Judgment Down!

Every single one of us has that voice in our heads that constantly says we’re not worthy. Don’t listen to it!! Trust yourself (and your GUT!)- know that you are definitely capable and even fabulous at your job! One great trick is to remember that 80% of the time people are thinking about themselves, not YOU. So the judgmental voice is all your own, and you have the control to shut it down!

4. Don’t Care or Compare

Now, of course I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about your job or your clients. I just don’t think you should care what others think about you – ever! If someone really is judging you (see #3), why should you care? That’s a very freeing statement if you think about it. I also want you to STOP comparing yourself to others. If you think another designer has an amazing business based on what you’re seeing online – think again. The grass is never green over there. Keep your blinders on and you’ll keep your confidence at a higher level. You will produce better work, if you are not constantly comparing yourself to Instagram highlights.

5. Be Your Best Self

Nothing makes you feel better than when you’re at your very best, especially in your business. You want to follow through on what you say you’ll do. You should have integrity. Stick to your deadlines. Be generous and kind. Being the best you can be will really make you feel better about yourself, and what you bring to the table!

A great way to stick to those deadlines and follow through is to keep lots of checklists and calendar reminders. Use my FREE Checklist for Recurring Calendar Items to help you keep up. And follow these tips to keep your confidence at an all-time high!

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