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I have two more blog posts to write until the end of the year…and I can’t believe I did it!!

What, say you?

I actually got a blog out every Tuesday this entire year!

Was it easy? Hells to the bells, no!

I mean, I did move continents; I have the SLOWEST internet in the world, (except when I don’t have any internet); I worked a ton; I traveled a ton; I packed up a house; I put together a new house for my family. What I am saying is that I had a LOT of excuses to QUIT!!!

BUT, I didn’t quit!

Girls Bedroom Remodeled.

Blog Goals

The exciting thing is, that I have soooo much more content for the next phase of Return on Interiors. I have been working my heiny off behind the scenes to design and better and better product for you! It gets me very excited and I can’t wait to tell you what it is!

So, I know many of you are bloggers who plan to be consistent, so this year- DO IT!!! It leads to some amazing things.

Planning is hard-ish. The hard part is blocking enough time to do it! I found a great planning sheet from Smartsheet, who has tons of different templates for social media planning. I downloaded one and tweaked it to fit my weekly blog and I wanted to share it with you!


The download has a:

  • Blogging Editorial Overview, by Month
  • Blogging Editorial Calendar
  • Blog Post Brainstorming
  • Blog Post Archive

It is so easy to fill out and it really helps you set yourself up for 2017!!! (OK, I wrote 2018 at first. I really love my Nespresso machine! Ha!)

So go ahead and get a jump on 2017! I hate having to think about what to write when I am in a time crunch and this has helped.  I hope it helps you focus your business and achieve something you didn’t know you could! So, download this baby now.

Click Here to Download the Blogging Editorial Calendar