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Have you ever looked through design magazines and wished that your projects could be featured – maybe even on the cover?! Of course you have, we ALL have. But have you ever noticed the one thing that all of those projects have? Every detail is complete! Too often interior designers give out before the project is actually done, and that hurts your business in more ways than you can imagine. So here’s how you can finish projects with STYLE!

Design:Kathleen DiPaolo & Photo:Edmund Barr & Styled:Robin Tucker

Finish Before You Start

The best way to create a full and gorgeous project is to plan every last detail when you actually START the design. Plan and price every piece of art, every accessory, every rug. I know that sounds like a lot of work, but here’s why it’s so important. First, you want your client to plan their budget around every single thing that the room will need. If you don’t, there may not be any money left at the end. How often has that happened to you? Second, planning every detail in the design at the very start gives you a more cohesive design at the end. And yes, you may have to make a substitution or two, but you’ll know what you’re looking for if that happens.

Most importantly, when you hit that last stage of a project, you may very well be tired of it. You’ve worked hard, maybe you’re burned out, and the clients are clamoring to get back in their home. That’s the wrong time to suddenly get a flash of inspiration for the PERFECT final details! Do that when you’re fresh and the project is brand new and fun!

Those Details Matter

Often what takes a room from good to oh-my-gosh are those final details. I like to call them the jewelry, or the icing on the cake! The lamps, the art, the rugs, that perfect floral arrangement – styling a room is a true art! You could give 5 interior designers the same wallpaper and furniture, and every one of them would create a different look because of the accessories and art. Look through the pages of your favorite shelter magazine and you’ll see what I mean. Pay attention to the final details and you may just find yourself in that same magazine in the near future!

Think about a long-distance runner vs. a sprinter. The sprinter gives it everything at the beginning and collapses at the end. The long-distance runner keeps a steady pace so she can finish strong! That’s what I want YOU to do, every single time!

Download my ROI system sampler here. It can help you use systems and processes to keep that steady pace, AND to help you plan for those final details. Finish strong – and with style!