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There are SO many things to love about having your own business – it’s why we take the risk to be an entrepreneur, right?! But the BEST thing about it? Freedom!

What do I mean by that? Well it’s the freedom to work with who you want, to do what you want, to focus on what you love! It’s so fabulous when everything is clicking and you’re doing the best and most creative work you can!

But what if you aren’t enjoying that freedom? What if the very reason that you started your own business is now keeping you from enjoying it? Because the freedom that comes with owning your own company can also mean that everything is up to YOU! So if you don’t have the right structure for your business, you can end up drowning in work and frustration!

There are 4 things that have to be in place for your design business to keep you from feeling like it’s strangling instead of empowering you:

1. Processes

The worst thing that you can do is look unprofessional in front of your clients. Or reinvent the wheel every time you take on a project. Either one can seriously hurt your business. But it can take years to develop the right processes and systems to keep your company humming along. It’s exactly why I developed my ROI System – to help other designers save time and money. Everything you need to run your business is included in the system, so you can get to the freedom of enjoying your business even faster!

2. Finances

This is one of the scariest things for most people who own a business! It’s so engrained in human nature that the majority of people would rather talk about ANYTHING before they talk about money. That’s definitely not going to help you have a successful business. You need to have your finances sorted and be able to discuss your cash flow, profit margins, and balance sheets with your accountant and bookkeeper! That’s why I’m including the Design Financial System with the ROI package – to professionalize your business and help you make more money! More money means more freedom. Download my FREE Guide to Handling the Ups and Downs of the Design Business to help you get a better handle on this!

3. Client Pipeline

If you have no idea where your next job is coming from, you’re going to spend a good part of your business day in panic mode! It’s so frightening to ride that rollercoaster of feast-or-famine, and to not know when or how you’re going to be able to pay your bills. UGH! So in the ROI System, I’ve included a Design Project Pipeline to help you see where the next jobs are, to project what money you have coming in, and to know how to set realistic budgets for each of those projects. It makes everything easier!

4. Marketing

Who has time to think about social media and marketing when you have a business to run?! Often it’s the last thing a designer has time for and the first thing to get dropped. But then the clients quickly dry up, too, because they have no idea you’re there! My ROI system includes an editorial calendar for social media and online marketing to help you stay on top of this critical part of your business.

If you aren’t enjoying that freedom that owning your business should be giving you, it’s time to get your systems and processes in place! It would take you YEARS to accumulate every image, form, checklist, and document to operate your design business. Countless billable hours – wasted. The typical designer is bogged down with these common tasks that I’ve already documented and templated for you. So check out my ROI system today – and start getting to that business you’ve always dreamed of!