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Does this sound like you: You’re so slammed with client work that you barely have any time to yourself, then the minute you finish the project there’s nothing but crickets! It’s feast or famine – too much work or a fear that you’ll never have a client again! Yep, I’ve been there. Drowning in deadlines and so busy that you can’t do anything else. But then – the Catch 22 – you forget to do any marketing and your client pipeline dries up!

The key is that you HAVE to continue your marketing efforts even during the busy times. I can hear you say: “Thanks, Kathleen. All I need is ONE more thing to do.” But hear me out! That rollercoaster is NOT fun, and 2019 is your year to make it a smoother ride. I have tips that will help you keep your client pipeline running smoothly!

Make a Calendar

Take the time – right NOW – to create a marketing plan you can consistently execute throughout the year. It should include activities that keep your business top of mind for future clients when they ultimately need a design professional. From being a guest on a podcast to your blogging schedule, a little bit of prep work at the beginning of the year will set you on the path to success. Once your calendar is set, it makes the execution SO much easier!

Schedule the Work

Now that you have a calendar, preset a lot of the work. You can schedule all of your Facebook posts for the month (featuring your own photography, of course). You can set up tweets in HootSuite, or you could go ahead and get some blog content rolling. Whatever you can do in the “down” times will help you continue marketing when you’re super-busy.

Try Something New

Have you tried sharing your client list with another business that has a similar ideal client? Or targeted Facebook ads? Think about what you can do differently this year to get your business in front of potential clients. And FYI – those ads can run all year long if you want, and for not a lot of money!

Plan Your Networking

Be sure you’re including as many networking opportunities as you can on that calendar you’ve created. Mark down all of the social functions in your area, any trade shows, or other great events that will help you make contact with your ideal client targets- not other interior designers that you admire! That doesn’t mean you have to GO to every single event – but if they’re on the calendar, you won’t forget about them, either.

Press Your Point

Keep in touch with a few key people in your local press, like magazines and newspapers. Set a reminder to reach out periodically just to see if they need a quote or photo for something they’re working on. That will keep you in the press often enough to attract attention.

A lot of planning NOW will keep your marketing running even when you don’t have time to really pay attention to it! It’s a good time to review these ideas – and many others – in my FREE Annual Business Review Checklist. Just download it here and make your plan for a fabulous 2019!

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