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Everyone uses the end of the year to take a hard look at their business, but I really think the 6-month mark in June is just as important!! This is the perfect chance to be sure you’re on the right course for a super-successful 2019. I have some tips for what to look at, AND I have an amazing free gift for you, too. So be sure you read all the way to the bottom!!

Assess Your Current Financials

How have you done so far this year? Be very specific and look at every detail. You want to know what you made gross and net, where your cash flow is, and you need to look at what your profit margins are! That will help you understand exactly what you need to accomplish in the next 6 months. The beauty of taking a hard look at money in June is that you have plenty of time to turn the ship around – and make even more money!

Reexamine Goals

You probably set some goals at the beginning of the year, so where do you stand with them now? If you’re like most people, you probably dropped one or two. Or maybe you started strong, but things like work got in the way! It happens! So this is the right time to take another look at your goals. Are there any you need to put more work into? Would you like to add a new one? Anything’s possible at this point in the year!

Look at Your Client Pipeline

You may be extremely busy right now, but what does the rest of the year look like to you as far as clients and projects? You could be heading for a slow spell, and that won’t help you end the year on a high note! Once you’ve finished examining your financials, this is the perfect time to look at how many more jobs you need by year’s end to make more money than ever before! And it’s a great time to kickstart some marketing efforts to get those clients lined up.

Get Organized

Set aside a day or two to look at your systems, your office, and your client work. Tightening up your processes and getting everything really organized with give you the tools you need to work the next six months like a pro! And this is where my FREE gift to you comes in!

I’m offering an amazing FREE new webinar – Stay Sane and Set up Your Design Business for Growth: 3 Tools to Get You Started! The webinars will be held June 19 at 11am and June 20 at 2pm. And did I mention they’re FREE?!

The tools I’ll give you during the webinar are going to keep you calm and organized, and will let you coast to the end of an amazing year! The 3 tools include:

  • Digital Files. I’m going to give you my inside tips and tricks for keeping those files organized and right where you need them. This is one of the best-kept secrets I have for keeping my business running smoothly!
  • Prepared & Professional Questionnaires. Yes, I know you probably already have a questionnaire for your clients, but are you really asking the right questions? The ones that will give you insights into what your clients REALLY want? I have detailed forms that will get to the heart of what your client dreams about for each room, and they’ll streamline your work!
  • Selections & Specifications. Details are essential in our business! I have a specific method for keeping the details and specs on point and under control for every project. My ROI system is key to keeping track of every single piece of your project, from the smallest trim to the largest paint order you can imagine!

This webinar will give you invaluable insights into my Return on Interiors system, with new and updated information! So even if you’ve purchased ROI in the past, you’ll definitely learn something new on this FREE program.

And if you’ve been circling the ROI system for a while, this is the time to make your move! The webinar will give more details about what you get with ROI, and you also will receive a special offer for purchasing the system! Just click here to register!

And here’s to a FAB 2019!!